ANDRITZ capabilities for pulp production

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER supplies one of the world’s best technologies and valuable services for pulp production – chemical, mechanical, or recycled fibers. We deliver complete production lines or individual components for your pulp mill.

The major target for pulp producers is to achieve an environmentally sound friendly, save, and steady production of pulp with a uniform quality. High yields at low operating costs are as important as healthy and save operation for the people and the environment.

ANDRITZ is one of the leading technology suppliers to deliver a complete chemical pulp mill which performs with world-renowned environmental excellence. Our technologies for mechanical pulp production and recycled fiber processing are among the best available.

Experienced ANDRITZ project teams give you support during engineering, planning, erection, and start-up of your mill. Technical and service support is at-the-ready throughout the life of the equipment.

Did you know that taking a holistic approach to sludge treatment enables pulp mill operators to turn sludge into fuel?

While reducing waste volume, the high calorific value of dried sludge helps make operations energy self-sufficient and contributes towards reducing their carbon footprint. The ANDRITZ contribution? We design, deliver, and service complete systems that integrate suitable dewatering and drying solutions and are supported by smart automation.

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ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER’s continuous research and development activities focus on supporting customers to achieve sustainable production with higher capacities as well as higher energy efficiency and at the same time minimizing the consumption of energy, chemicals, and water. New technologies concentrate on the by-products of pulp production and on creating green energy.

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ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper provides sustainable technology, automation, and service solutions for the production of all types of pulp, paper, board and tissue. The pulp and paper technologies and services focus on increased production efficiency, lower overall operating costs as well as innovative decarbonization strategies and autonomous plant operation.

​​​​​​​The product portfolio also includes boilers for power generation, flue gas cleaning systems, various nonwoven technologies, and panelboard (MDF) production systems. With waste-to-value recycling, shredding and energy solutions, waste and by-product streams from production are converted into valuable secondary raw materials as well as into sustainable resources for energy generation. State-of-the-art IIoT technologies as part of Metris digitalization solutions complete the comprehensive product offering.



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