Kraft pulp

Kraft pulp

Technologies for every major pulping, recovery, and power process

The major challenges facing pulp producers are to achieve steady-state production of uniform pulp quality with the lowest possible consumption of chemicals and water at the highest efficiency. And to do this within tight environmental regulations.

ANDRITZ is one of the few technology suppliers to deliver a complete kraft pulp mill and to have it performing with world-renowned environmental excellence.

Drawing of a pulp mill, with labeled component technologies and processes


Leadership achieved in the world’s most productive mills.

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Pulp drying and finishing

Turnkey market pulp drying plants, and individual technologies for pulp drying/baling process.

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LimeLine white liquor plant

Taking the lead in the development of chemical recovery technologies.

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Evaporation plants

Technologies and services for highly challenging pulp mill evaporation needs.

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Recovery boilers

The recovery boiler plays a central role in a modern kraft pulp mill.

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ANDRITZ gasifier plants using sustainable woody biomass as fuel.

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Power boilers

Steam and power generation.

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Non-condensable gas (NCG) treatment

Modern technology and procedures are vital today in order for a mill to reduce the odors it emits into the atmosphere.

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