From Enviroburners to ANDRITZ

Enviroburners’ long-standing experience with industrial burners, burner upgrade parts and upgrade services are strengthening ANDRITZ's own self-sustainability and reliability in the burners sector. With ANDRITZ as the owner, Enviroburners' products and technologies will continue to make them a strong player on the market.


Advanced industrial burner solutions for energy production and environmental protection

Burner solutions are designed to reduce CO2 emissions by utilizing industrial waste and biofuels to generate energy. Industrial burners, burner upgrade parts and upgrade services will provide growth opportunities, especially in environmental protection applications where hazardous materials are burned in order to produce new raw materials, such as complex Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) systems combined with sulfuric acid production, or to utilize process side streams, such as burning of wood powder to replace fossil fuels used in lime kilns, or methanol and turpentine combustion in recovery boilers.

Burner solutions are always customized to meet specific end-users’ layout and process requirements and also to reach maximum efficiency. All the work is done based on customers’ requirements, complying with applicable regulations and emission standards regardless of the application or location. This basic information guides the engineering process in developing the best burner solution, choosing the right components and designing the most effective burner system. Our target is to enable operation of our clients’ equipment cost efficiently, competently and in a way that is environmentally safe – from this moment onwards.


Start-up and load burners

  • Designed for the demanding environment in fluidized bed and recovery boilers, mainly for Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology boilers and biomass gasifiers
  • Structures and materials are developed to withstand mechanical wear, chemical erosion and the furnace heat for each specific application
picture-3_waste-fuel-burner_burner-solutions_pulp-and-paper (1)

Waste fuel burners (waste incinerator)

  • Suitable for incineration of all kinds of gaseous and liquid waste products
  • Reliable and environmentally safe
  • CNCG burners
  • CNCG incinerators (flares/oxidizers)
  • Petrochemical incinerators (flares/oxidizers)
picture-1_metallurgical-process_burner-solutions_pulp-and-paper (1)

Burners for metallurgical processes

  • Launder and ladle burners are used for refractory heating
  • Flash-melting reaction shaft, settler roof and settler wall burners
  • Anode furnace burners
  • Roasting furnace start-up burners
picture-1_wood-dust-burner_burner solutions_pulp-and-paper

Wood dust burners

  • A compact solution for burning pulverized wood and other biomass materials
  • High efficiency
  • Meets the strict emission values
picture-1_Biofuel-burners_burner-solutions_pulp-and-paper (1)

Biofuel burners

  • A compact solution for burning gases with low heat value without any additional fuel
  • High efficiency and availability
  • Capable of reducing CO2 emissions
  • Convert even the most challenging solid fuels/waste products into clean energy

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