Coil processing solutions

For over 100 years, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco has distinguished itself as a leading manufacturer of coil processing equipment for a variety of metal working industries worldwide.

© ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.
© ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.

Our equipment features advanced technology and unmatched reliability. Whether you are a metals producer, a service center, a toll processor, or an OEM, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco can design and build lines that will allow you to maximize productivity and product quality. Our equipment is operator friendly and easy-to-maintain. All ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco lines are covered by a one-year warranty.

Our high productivity, heavy-duty, and reliable ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco lines can be found in a wide variety of locations, processing a wide variety of products.

  • Mills
  • Toll Processors
  • Service Centers
  • OEM's
  • Ferrous
  • Non-Ferrous
  • Light Gauge
  • Heavy Gauge
  • Plate
Precision leveling technology (ANDRITZ Metals USA)

The Premier Name in Leveling. ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco is the name you can trust in your search for precision leveling equipment.

Slitting lines (ANDRITZ Metals USA)

Be it heavy or light gauge, ANDRITZ Metals USA has the slitting solution that will set you apart from the industry.

Cut to length
Cut-to-Length/Blanking (ANDRITZ Metals USA)

Be it heavy or light gauge ANDRITZ Metals USA has the Cut-to-Length and blanking solution for that will set you apart from the industry.

Tension Leveling
Tension leveling lines (ANDRITZ Metals USA)

ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco is the premier designer and builder of tension levelers. Having pioneered this technology, our tension levelers produce the flattest material possible.

Rebuild and Retrofit
Rebuild and retrofit

Simple yet powerful descriptions of what ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco can do for your business to keep you in the game when times are lean.

Engineering Services
Customer service / Spare parts

At ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco, our customer service team has an average of 24 years of experience with coil processing equipment. We can assist you in maintaining your equipment and minimizing downtime.

Field Service Optical Alignment
Field service

ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco has a dedicated team of field service technicians available to service coil processing equipment at domestic and international locations.

Shape control systems

Shape control systems supplied by ANDRITZ Metals Germany are used in most rolling mill types in the steel, stainless steel, and nonferrous metal industries. Shape control systems are also used in tension levelers for controlling the strip shape.

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