Shape control systems

Continuous development of ANDRITZ shape control systems ensures that our products conform to the highest quality levels.

Proven in over 550 lines worldwide, including 1,000 shapemeter systems.

Product description

ANDRITZ Metals Germany (previously ANDRITZ Sundwig) is an experienced rolling mill manufacturer and has built flatness measurement and flatness control systems under licence from the VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) for more than 40 years, registered under the shape:tronic system trademark. The general-purpose shape control systems are used in different kinds of rolling mills in the steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metal industries. There are various BFI shapemeter roll designs available. 

The latest design of the ANDRITZ BFI shapemeter roll has a completely uniform, homogeneous surface, free of any gaps, thus avoiding damage to the strip surface and offering unlimited possibilities in roll coating. The service life of the roll surface is virtually indefinite thanks to the wear-resistant coatings used, for example tungsten carbide.


Strengths and benefits of the shape control systems

  • Higher mill production capacity
  • Improved strip flatness
  • Fast return on investment in most cases
  • Rugged, solid measuring roll body of simple design with closed surface (gap-free and homogeneous)
  • Roll diameters between 200 and 500 mm possible
  • Measuring zone widths between 15 and 60 mm possible
  • High measuring precision with active quartz force sensors
  • Small number of electronic and transfer units thanks to parallel connection of force sensors
  • Suitable roll design for each application, e.g. with:
  • hardened steel surface
  • tungsten carbide-coated surface
  • hard chromium-plated surface
  • rubber- or polyurethane-coated surface
  • Maintenance-free roll electronics with contactless and digital data transmission from the rotary part to the fixed part
  • Control algorithm with MPC technology, for use in all rolling mills
  • Computer system with robust, integrated controller and chassis system, no hard disk
  • Perfect harmony between hardware and application software
  • Uncomplicated operator interface

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