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ANDRITZ Autonomous Wood Processing solutions

Digitalization is changing the industrial world

Everything we do, we believe in getting the most out of wood raw material, we believe in sustainability. The way we challenge the seen inefficiencies in mills, is making our products meaningful, future proof, modular, simple to use and easy to maintain.  

We just happen to make success stories to our customers. 

We will add value instead of cables, servers and sensors

  • Maximized safety
  • Optimized performance and availability
  • Improved resource efficiency
  • Improved process stability  
  • Improving and predicting pulp quality end-to-end
  • Increased mill autonomy

Three levels of intelligency

ANDRITZ  Autonomous Woodyard solutions portfolio is based on three levels of intelligency:

  • The floor level, which covers a wide range of individual Metris products including machine and process diagnostic devices, for instance a Metris ChipperEKG or Metris ChipSCAN
  • The second level is optimization systems for sub processes which contain lower-level products
  • The third level contains autonomous systems which are built with lower level optimization systems or with dedicated technology such as in the Autonomous Logyard
Image of stacker reclaimer and chip pile against neural network background

ANDRITZ Autonomous Wood Processing solutions

ANDRITZ Smart Wood Processing solutions

Wood processing Metris products

Metris ANDI – the Autonomous Crane AI

ANDRITZ has developed an artificial intelligence that constantly monitors the real world. Metris ANDI is the first crane AI worldwide, that allows fully autonomous operation with loose wood. Laser scanners, cameras, and the internal data from the crane provide sufficient information for ANDI to determine the location and dimensions of the relevant objects in the surrounding world.

Metris ANDI – the Autonomous Crane AI


ANDI works 24/7, improves safety and ensures that all operating instructions are enforced at all times. The implementation of ANDI allows a detailed tracking and classifying of the wood receiving in real-time. It helps to control the inventory transactions and optimize the debarking and chipping process. The pulp production process also benefits from the increased chip quality and reduced operating costs.

Find out more ...

  • Metris BarkSCAN PDF : 3.1 MB
  • Metris ChipperEKG PDF : 1.1 MB
  • Metris CrusherEKG PDF : 3.4 MB
  • Metris DrumEKG PDF : 1.5 MB
  • Metris LogSCAN PDF : 3 MB
  • Metris ScreenEKG PDF : 1.7 MB