Wetlaid stock preparation

Technology for fiber conveying, screening, blending, refining, storing, and dispensing

After the fibers are suspended in water, the mixture is pumped to the headbox of the inclined wire section to form the wetlaid nonwoven sheet. Various types of fibers (natural and synthetic) can be combined in almost infinite combinations for specific applications.

As a leading supplier of integrated stock preparation and approach flow systems for the production of all wetlaid grades, ANDRITZ’s innovative machine concepts guarantee top-notch efficiency at low energy consumption with a minimum impact on the environment. The stock preparation and approach flow system creates a homogenous fiber and water dispersion, which is pumped to the forming unit. From pulping through screening, cleaning, refining, deflaking, thickening to fiber recovery – our special system encompasses every process step.


The illustration shows a stock preparation system combining synthetic and cellulose fibers.

Blue = long synthetic fibers 
Yellow = cellulose or natural short fibers
Orange = recycling of fiber materials 
                (waste from edge trim, waste from production run-ups, 
                and off-spec web formations)

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