Metris AVA LimeFire Flame Analyzer

Advanced Visual Analysis (AVA) is a new, intelligent way of transforming image streams into numerical form. Lime kiln flame measuring with Metris AVA LimeFire Flame Analyzer helps ANDRITZ’s customers to optimize the burning process online.

Traditional lime kiln flame monitoring was based solely on observations by the human eye and the operator’s subjective assessment of how the burner was behaving. Now ANDRITZ has developed a revolutionary technology to measure flame shape and size by means of a regular camera and neural network to analyze the image stream.

The new solution can use an existing camera, or a new camera can be delivered with the package. The image stream is analyzed and transformed into several numerical values that can be used to monitor and optimize the burning process.

Working principle



  • Enhanced safety in the process and for the operating personnel
  • Numerical data on different flame parameters
  • Less damage to brick lining
  • Enables flame optimization and balanced kiln burner process
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