Components for the plastic production

Engineered wear parts for the plastic production and recycling

As an expert in milling, filtration and separation processes, ANDRITZ delivers screens for hammer mills and perforated half screens for the separation of hackled materials. 

Hammer mill screens

Our refiner plates and screen rings for mills are used for grinding processes of plastic material. Our mill screens help to break down the plastic gently and ensure homogeneous particle sizes, no matter what raw material was used.

Mill Insert with ConiPerf Rasp Perforation

Half screens for the separation of grinded plastic

Depending on the process and the size of the grinded particles, half screens for the separation of grinded plastic materials can be drilled, punched or made of wedge wire. All screens are made of high-grade stainless steel and can be hardened additionally for demanding processes. 

Drilled half screen

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