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Industrial Maintenance Services

ANDRITZ has solutions for the entire life cycle of the mill Industrial Maintenance Services can guarantee the performance of assets, keeping them available and reliable.

Modular Maintenance

Does an area or discipline need a change in maintenance? With Modular Maintenance services, our team works directly in the areas or disciplines that you need support.

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Shutdown Management

ANDRITZ has a team and a set of solutions to ensure the success of your shutdown. One of these solutions is the Shutdown Management shutdown.

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PSI – Performance Study and Implementation

Our specialists diagnosis your mill, develop an action plan and implement it with your team to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

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Mill Wide Maintenance

Count on an ANDRITZ team to carry out the complete maintenance of your mill, guaranteeing the annual maintenance cost and a world class performance.

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For ANDRITZ, maintenance is a balance between cost and performance that must be constantly evaluated to ensure the sustainability of the process and the mill.


What we consider for the optimum performance of the mill:

  • Operational availability
  • Loss of production due to technical reasons for capacity due to failure of assets (or maintenance)
  • Operational efficiency (Average product / Maximum Sustainable Rate, MSR)
  • Maintenance cost per ton produced

How do we increase the availability and reliability of the industrial mill?

  • We increase MTBF / We reduce MTTR
  • We reduce unplanned downtime
  • We reduce maintenance costs
  • We increase the stability of the process
  • We reduce the cost of energy and chemical consumption
  • We improve outage performance
  • We eliminate production bottlenecks

We Work with Risk Based Maintenance - RBM

  • We identify asset risks to business goals based on probability and criticality
  • We identify what causes the risk from a holistic point of view
  • We prioritize and act
  • If the risk is about the way the asset is being operated, we change the operating parameters
  • If a task is necessary, it can be prioritized based on data

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