BrainWave lime kiln

The solution for improving lime kiln performance

Control stabilization with BrainWave 

ANDRITZ BrainWave is a patented advanced controller that outperforms traditional Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control because of its two main components: an adaptive model and a predictive controller. BrainWave builds its own live models during normal plant operations, a powerful feature not offered by traditional Model Predictive Control (MPC) systems.

BrainWave’s predictive controller accurately forecasts process responses and accounts for multiple objectives. It adapts to process conditions, such as changes in production rate, keeping the process on target. BrainWave can also accept measured disturbance inputs, like raw materials properties, and takes corrective action before the process is pushed off target (PID, by comparison, must wait for the error to occur and then react).

BrainWave easily integrates with existing control systems and its patented Laguerre technology means an average implementation time of just a few weeks. Best of all, the plant’s own staff can support and deploy BrainWave.


The kiln area of a pulp mill in Uruguay

Control stabilization for lime kilns 

BrainWave improves product quality, reduces fuel consumption, maximizes yield, and increases the effective production rates of rotary kilns.

BrainWave stabilizes kiln operations and holds the front and back end temperature targets tightly while accounting for production rate changes and NCG load disturbances. Excess oxygen is also controlled to maintain fuel efficiency. BrainWave keeps the critical loops closed and running in a continuous automatic mode. Stabilizing the feed end and firing end temperatures and oxygen, and using a special patented BrainWave multivariable algorithm, ensure a stable and precise temperature profile and allows the operator to set the desired targets and have them held tightly.

With the kiln running in automatic, the controls automatically reject disturbances from changing mud flow, NCG, and mud solids. BrainWave adapts and learns the changing impacts caused by those disturbances, providing the operator with quality data and a chance to manage inventories.

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