ANDRITZ Euroslot

Wedge wire components for highly demanding processes

ANDRITZ Euroslot is a global supplier of high-quality wedge wire screens for separation processes in many branches, such as the oil & gas industry, water treatment, food and animal feed industry, stock preparation and the chemical industry.


With its over 20 years of experience ANDRITZ Euroslot strives for perfection by creating optimized and fully customized wedge wire components with large open area and very consistent slot opening. Screens are made by wrapping and welding v-shaped wire on support rods creating slots which enlarge inwardly, allowing only two contact points with the particles, thus preventing any risk of clogging and facilitating cleaning by reverse flow or backwash.

Having subsidiaries in Germany, India, South Africa and China along with a dense international agent network, ANDRITZ Euroslot offers a wide range of service, such as technical support, customer service and on-site service.

In 2015 Euroslot became a part of the ANDRITZ GROUP. Euroslot customers can now benefit from an expanded service network, world-wide customer & sales support and an enhanced product portfolio.

The ANDRITZ Euroslot product portfolio includes:

For the feed and food industry:

  • Cartridges
  • Centrifuge inserts
  • Lauter vats
  • Pre-coated candle filters for breweries
  • 120° inclined grid for starch mills

Water treatment:

  • Water intake systems
  • Resin traps
  • Bow screens
  • Distributor / collector systems

Stock preparation:

  • Rotary drums
  • Mill screens
  • Screw presses and separators
  • Compactor cages
  • Conical centrifugal cartridges

Chemical industry:

  • Radial flow components
  • Nozzles
  • Supporting grids
  • Distributor / collector systems

Oil & gas industry:

  • Feed diffuser
  • Quench injection, collection trays and mixing chambers
  • Center pipes
  • Scallops
  • Outer baskets
  • SSR flow
  • Header & laterals
  • …and many column internal components

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