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Debora, Purchasing Diligence & Inspection Analyst. ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper. Curitiba, Brazil.

Gain an insight into B2B diligence & inspection analysis at ANDRITZ. Where passion meets career.

What is your role at ANDRITZ?

My name is Débora and I'm from the Curitiba office in Brazil within the procurement department for pulp and paper. In my role I work directly with our suppliers and their deliveries to us. I make sure that the equipment and materials are delivered on time and at the highest quality to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

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What are you most passionate about in your job?

I have always felt comfortable working here at ANDRITZ. My colleagues are like my second family and I have experienced challenging activities here. I get a sensation of pride working in follow-up and inspection, and in parallel I see every day as a day to learn something new! ANDRITZ is a company that invests and believes in its employees. I like to communicate and present my ideas and I feel that I am in the right place to do it. We are not limited to follow the pattern all the time and we are encouraged to think outside the box! These are some of the things I am most passionate about working here.


"We are encouraged to think outside the box!"


What opportunities have helped you advance your career within ANDRITZ?

I started in ANDRITZ as a temporary intern, specifically brought in to archive purchase orders due to the high demand in the final stages of a major project in Brazil. Shortly after the project ended, I was involved in the implementation of SAP and had the opportunity to learn and collaborate in varying topics surrounding it. It significantly developed me not just in operational activities with the system but also to understand how the departments are connected and depend on one another. This enabled me to carry out my work in a fulfilling way, to help understand the needs of the others and what they expect me to deliver. I also had the opportunity to take many courses during those 6 years working here at ANDRITZ such as specialization on welding engineering, leadership development program and traveling abroad to take a lead assessor training (auditing training). Those courses were important not just to learn and to be up-to-date with market and technology changes, but also to make great contacts and strengthen relationships.

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What does ANDRITZ offer you that perhaps other employers do not? In addition, what do you think makes ANDRITZ unique?

I think what really counts in the end of the day is having liberty to be yourself, present your ideas and having the opportunity to learn a little bit more every day and to grow as a person personally and professional. ANDRITZ has a positive environment, and I am surrounded by people that believe in my work and give me the tools to my continually develop. That is what makes me want to wake up in the morning and go to work!

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Is there a particularly memorable experience or achievement in your career that you would like to mention?

One of the things that made us very proud was to conclude Fibria H2 Project ahead the schedule. It was a huge project and a very well executed teamwork that will always be remembered for the effort of all the people involved.

Fibria H2-2

ANDRITZ supplied one of the largest recovery boilers in the world for Suzano's (former Fibria) second pulp production line. The latest technology minimizes emissions and generates “green” electricity by fully utilizing the residual materials from pulp production. This makes the mill self-sufficient in energy, and it can even deliver surplus power to the public grid.