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We are proud of our global projects, our innovative products, our customers who realize great projects and especially proud of our employees who make all that possible. Get to know ANDRITZ customers, people and facts behind our process technologies, equipment, plants and systems.


Simple and smart – In further efforts towards maximizing efficiencies of white liquor plants, ANDRITZ has developed LimeDry-H™.

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03_ANDRITZ_PrimePress XT Evo cantilevered

Avoiding accidents and unplanned downtime through the highest safety standards is one of the foundations of today’s high-speed tissue production. The industry’s safety measures and concepts already went hand in hand with the constant increase of machine performance and capacities.

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Global Women’s Network

Barbara Fischer-Aupperle and Christine Lins tell HydroNews about the Global Women’s Network

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ANDRITZ Metris XR - Metals

Metris eXtended Reality

ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper - A-Recovery methanol purification

ANDRITZ Kraftanol™ biomethanol purification process


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Two clarifiers of a sewage treatment plant.
Valuable waste

In the Texas city of Fort Worth, ANDRITZ helps to process large amounts of waste water by converting sewage sludge into fertilizer. CO₂ emissions are also reduced in the process.

Health & Safety: Local Safety Challenges Demand Tailored Communication Skills

Over the years, ANDRITZ Chile has provided equipment maintenance, repair, and installation services to customers in the pulp and paper industry through its pulp service division. In the course of our work, we have learned that each safety situation and location demand a unique approach when it comes to the most effective channels of communication.

A fjord in Norway.
Useful hydropower

Hydropower makes a decisive contribution to reducing global CO₂ emissions. Two very different ANDRITZ projects prove this.

Innovative together

ANDRITZ supplied Rohrdorfer Zement with Germany’s first CO₂ capture plant. The technology supports the company on its way to CO₂-free cement production.

The new chamber furnace from ANDRITZ.
Green steel

The European steel industry aims to produce CO₂-neutral steel by 2050. A new type of ANDRITZ furnace at voestalpine Wire Rod is already helping to save energy and reduce emissions.

Perfect circuit

Thanks to ANDRITZ technology, pulp and paper manufacturer Klabin produces sulfuric acid from gases generated in its pulp mill - and thus also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Floating photovoltaic panels
Floating PV

A new concept for PV-hydro hybrids

How is ANDRITZ working towards lessening impact on the planet and helping to mitigate climate change?

ANDRITZ has already carried out a lot of work in reducing emissions, closing loops, and developing new technology for replacing products made using fossil fuels, but now it is reinforcing its ambition with the launch of the CircleToZero initiative, which is encouraging all pulp and paper industry players to really push the boundaries in this area of reducing the impact on the planet, and most importantly creating new innovative bioproducts.

Maximum availability in the drying line

Podcast: Pulp mills are getting bigger, faster and more efficient. Today a full-size drying line can handle a web width of over 10 meters. ANDRITZ drying lines have come a long way in a short space of time to keep up with the fast evolution taking place in pulp mills.

Stora Enso Oulu-110
Automatic Tail Threading

KEEPING SKILLED PERSONNEL SAFE! It is a credit to the skills of pulp makers across the globe that there are not more accidents reported when carrying out tail threading in the drying process. ANDRITZ has created a full range of solutions for automated tail threading from the wet end to the cutter to avoid exposure to moving parts.

CircleToZero: Working Together on Sustainable Targets

Interview with Naveen Chenna, Head of Business and Technology Development, ANDRITZ

Textile-to-Textile: The new opportunity

Consumer demand and textile industry targets are driving the circularity agenda, but it is technology that will actually make it happen.

Global Hydropower Day

Let's celebrate!

Harmonizing health & safety standards across Europe

Podcast: Health & Safety management is at new levels across industries in Europe, and rightfully so. In this podcast we discuss how health & safety aspects in the pulp and paper industry in Europe could benefit from a more harmonized approach.

Predicting the Future

Metsä Fibre’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Finland is predicting the future utilizing the latest digital technology from ANDRITZ for its white liquor plant.

Albrecht Miletzky joins ANDRITZ

ANDRITZ has appointed Albrecht Miletzky, a paper engineer and production manager with many years of experience at one of the leading European paper and board producers, for containerboard among other things, as Head of Technology for Paper and Board.

Helsingør: An immaculate operation in green heat and power

ANDRITZ recently supplied the very first Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) biomass boiler to the country of Denmark, which will assist in nationwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. The new boiler is installed at Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk’s new district heat and power generation plant, which is immaculate in design as well as operation.

Gaining your Automation Independence

Customers confide in us that a major source of pain is being locked into a single automation supplier with a control system that cannot be easily upgraded. Why can’t it be like their smartphone with an App Store where they can download and add functions with ease?

Key Equipment: The case for Conventional Thinking

ANDRITZ is regarded as an innovator in developing technologies for the manufacture of premium tissue grades that are in high demand today. Yet the majority of the world’s tissue is produced using conventional dry-creping techniques. To serve this large market, ANDRITZ continually enhances the reliability and performance of its “standard” technology.

Nowadays the main part of new tissue machines is equipped with a steel Yankee
The growth of the ANDRITZ steel Yankee

ANDRITZ has developed a world-wide reputation as a leader in the production of steel Yankees for a variety of paper grades and even tobacco machines.

Suzano increases availability in Drying with intelligent control systems in partnership with ANDRITZ

The Suzano Unit in Imperatriz was able to reduce the unproductive time in Pulp Drying by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced controls in the tail threading system on its pulp drying machines. The partnership with ANDRITZ has contributed to advancing the pulp mill's digital transformation process.

Technologies to reduce carbon emissions in tissue production

Even though pulp and paper mills are energy-intensive, our industry is one of least CO₂-intensive due to the wide use of bio-based and renewable fuels. The tissue and towel sector, however, emits more carbon per tonne of paper than most other paper grades, primarily due to purchased electricity from fossil-fuel sources. ANDRITZ is contributing in many ways to reduce the carbon footprint for tissue production through its “CircleToZero” initiative.

A day in the life of ... Harri Makkonen

Harri Makkonen took over as Arauco MAPA Project Director for ANDRITZ on October 1, 2018. In July 2019, Makkonen moved to Concepción, Chile, together with his family after accepting the demanding challenge of being ANDRITZ Project Director for Arauco’s huge MAPA project. Makkonen’s family includes his wife Susanna and his 18-year-old daughter Matilda. Both support him in every way they can, and Makkonen is delighted to have his family with him in Chile.

TechNews: TX68 Refiner features new feed system

ANDRITZ has designed a broad range of high-consistency (HC) refiners to meet the demands of pulp, paper, panelboard, and recycle producers. At the top of the line in terms of throughput and motor power is the TX68 twin refiner.

spectrum40_packagingtrends_cover (1)
Market Trends: GLOBAL PACKAGING TRENDS by Ken Waghorne, Vice President, Global Packaging, Fastmarkets RISI

The downturn in global manufacturing activity during the last year has created a difficult demand environment for many packaging grades. However, this is expected to be relatively short lived, since there are several factors that suggest better times are ahead, once the uncertainty on the manufacturing front eases. Global demand for packaging paper and board should grow 2.4% annually during the next five years, even if conditions remain challenging in 2020.

Welcome to our SPECTRUM Podcast!

We will bring together the trends, challenges and solutions that matter most to ANDRITZ customers, and to the pulp, paper and bioproduct industries at large.

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#02 - Steel Yankee – the re-invention of the wheel?

Podcast: They say you can’t re-invent the wheel, but it seems that ANDRITZ has done just that with its PrimeDry Steel Yankee. The Yankee is even the shape of a wheel …

Improving Safety in the Recovery Boiler – ANDRITZ Smelt Spout Cleaning Systems

ANDRITZ Smelt Spout Cleaning Systems are proving to be something of a hit with recovery boiler operators world-wide, with several successful installations and more than 20 new systems on order. Nevertheless, the work never stops in developing the robotic systems further; ANDRITZ experts have devised a number of new features that help to provide an even safer working environment, as well as new intelligent tools for managing efficiency in a recovery boiler.

Thai Tiger: BJC Cellox aiming to be #1 in tissue

Thai tissue producer BJC Cellox needed a new tissue line to take advantage of growing demand for its high-quality products. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply a complete turnkey line including a PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine.

Logyard with crane_0007
ANDRITZ to supply Logyard Crane Simulator to Metsä Fibre

ANDRITZ Wood Processing has received an order from Metsä Fibre bioproduct mill project in Kemi, Finland to supply the world first ANDRITZ SIM600 Logyard Crane Simulator.

Sensing wear level to increase plant uptime

The Metris DryQ Sensing Sealing Lip is able to determine its own wear status and thus fosters the ability to provide predictive maintenance to plant operations.

Yankee – Tjiwi Kimia mill
Yankee service – remote support is now a reality

ANDRITZ accepted the challenge to offer online support for the replacing of the siphon system of Tjiwi Kimia’s Yankee in Indonesia. Because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, Yankee service experts had to provide remote support from Austria. Nevertheless, distance was no obstacle to the project‘s success.

ANDRITZ CenterScrew
ANDRITZ to supply CenterScrew slewing screw reclaimers to Hokuriku Nanao Ohta Thermal Power Plant Japan

ANDRITZ has received an order from IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. to deliver CenterScrew slewing screw reclaimers to Hokuriku Electric Power Company for their pellet plant at Nanao Ohta Thermal Power Plant, Japan. The start-up of the entire plant is planned for Q1 2025.

Quench stage
Tailor-made solution for emission reductions

Going fossil-fuel free can throw up unexpected challenges. After changing the fuel used from natural gas to fossil-free gas, an ANDRITZ Customer wanted to continue improving its environmental footprint by reducing dust emissions. ANDRITZ successfully delivered a tailor-made solution installed into a tight space at a pulp mill in Finland.

Success story Arauco: In the middle of the MAPA project

Arauco’s MAPA project in Horcones, Chile is now in full swing; the earthmoving and foundation building has almost been completed and the civil works have started. ANDRITZ is a major supplier to the project and has been closely working together with Arauco, which will see the Chilean company become the third largest producer of eucalyptus pulp in the world. Start-up is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Latest news
Latest News and Highlights

Projects and events

Did you know that …

ANDRITZ will be a key supplier of the process equipment for Infinited Fiber company’s planned flagship factory in Finland?

#04 - How can autonomy implemented in the recovery boiler increase overall productivity and safety?

Podcast: The recovery boiler is often considered to be the heart of a pulp mill, and it is undoubtedly vital for environmental and economically sustainable production.

Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Energy

A cooperation agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy fuses more than a century of market-leading expertise in hydropower technology with cutting-edge innovative battery technology.

The new gold of Australia

Renewable Energy on Tab - Kidston, Australia

Graphic simulation of the new plant under construction.
A perfect fit

Schuler, ANDRITZ Soutec and thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering have developed a plant that can significantly reduce the production costs for fuel cells.

Toledo Alfalfa

Toledo Alfalfa Mills is a significant producer of U.S. alfalfa pellets. When the company needed to boost production at its plant in Oregon, Ohio, they turned to ANDRITZ FB Canada Inc., for support. The result: a 15% lift in annual productivity.

View of part of a plant for mining iron ore
Safe disposal

The Brazilian mining company ITAMINAS is using ANDRITZ filter systems to avoid storing tailings in containment dams and recover 90% of the water.

There used to be a gold mine in the Australian town of Kidston. Today, there are two disused pits here filled with water.
Solar gold

An energy park for green electricity is being built in Australia and uses the pits in a former gold mine as reservoirs for water storage. The equipment for the pumped storage power station comes from ANDRITZ.

A Three Nations Project

Rusumo Falls, Burundi / Rwanda / Tanzania

Södra operates a woodyard and pulp mill in the Swedish town of Mönsterås.
Step by step

Swedish company Södra is able to produce up to 6.3 million liters of commercial-quality biomethanol a year with help from ANDRITZ. The biomethanol is used to make biodiesel fuel for motor vehicles.

The PYROMARS and ZEMAP plants from ANDRITZ help companies to circulate acids and water in a closed loop.
Precious water

The Taiwanese company Walsin Lihwa has substantially reduced its water and acid consumption in stainless steel production thanks to ANDRITZ.

Restoring Renewable Energy

Mwadingusha, Congo DRC

Hynet and Cybersecurity
Keep your asset cybersecure

HyNET and HySEC – The dedicated smart network and security solution for ­hydropower plants in the digital age

shape:tronic System – next Generation

Flatness measurement upgraded to an outstanding multifunctional tool – just getting a step ahead for future application.


Hydropower – Key to a sustainable green future

Uzbekistan, Kamolot
Successful example of cooperative approach

Kamolot, Uzbekistan

Upper Tamakoshi
Connected to the grid

Nepal, Upper Tamakoshi


Roadmap to more flexibility for hydropower plants

ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil Office
ANDRITZ Hydro Brazil opens a new corporate office

A new ANDRITZ Hydro corporate office has opened in São Paulo, Brazil.

Small Hydro - Highlights

Projects around the world

Yacyretá, Argentina and Paraguay
Automation at its finest

Yacyretá, Argentina and Paraguay

Is it green?

Powering up to reach global green goals

Hydrogen and Hydro
Hydrogen and Hydro: Fuelling our future

Interview with Dr. Alexander Trattner Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Research Director

Port Albern
Protecting Vienna from flooding

Port Albern, Austria

Hand in hand with nature

Traunleiten, Austria

Let’s Connect

EnergyConnect, Australia

Usina Pimental
Green energy for 60 million people

Brazil, Belo Monte

Carillon, Canada
Electricity for 150,000 households

Canada, Carillon

LAO PDR, Nam Sak
Strengthening the local power grid

Houay Ka-Ouane and Nam Sak, Lao PDR


Megatrends develop slowly, but they are enormously powerful. Gross global changes affecting every aspect of the economy and society, they are exerting a profound influence on companies, institutions, and individuals.

Jiji and Mulembwe, Burundi

Doubling energy production

Hydrogen - MAN Energy
Hydrogen and Hydro: Fuelling the future

ANDRITZ Hydro and MAN Energy Solutions agree on hydrogen cooperation

Megatrends and hydropower

Possibilities and opportunities for the global hydropower market

System Strength

Synchronous condensers - the renaissance of rotating machines to maintain the stability of the transmission network.

Spain - Aldeadvila
Aldeadavila, Spain

Technological breakthrough

Lussa, Scotland
An architectural pearl providing local power

Lussa, Scotland

Tâmega hydroelectric complex
Flexible energy for the modern grid

Gouvães, Portugal

Storing up new revenue streams for hydro


Artboard Copy 13
Does digitalization make production more efficient?

Plant start-ups can be outsourced with ANDRITZ Digital Solutions.

Planning ahead with Industry 4.0

It´s all about the data

Schils, Switzerland

Renewal and energy optimization

TechNews: Two top new concepts for tissue production

In just two years, ANDRITZ has launched two completely new machine concepts for tissue producers to provide the very best in technology available for making specialty products with maximum efficiencies. The two concepts, the PrimeLineTEX and the PrimeLineVRT, are now available on the market and can be tested at the ANDRITZ tissue pilot plant in Graz.

Small hydro map
Small Hydro highlights

Projects around the world

Hydro News 34

System strength

Kargaly, Kazakhstan

Investment into hydropower

Pakistan - Gulpur
Overcoming challenges

Pakistan, Gulpur

Metris Vibe - a health check for your plant

To avoid unplanned plant shutdowns, it is important to know at an early stage when vital components need to be replaced or maintained. Condition monitoring enables operators to work proactively and keep shutdown time to a minimum.

Usa - Alder
Electricity for 16,000 homes

USA, Alder

Stora Enso Imatra: The only way is up

Stora Enso’s Imatra pulp Mill, located in eastern Finland, is one of the world’s largest producers of liquid packaging board. Now, thanks to the latest ANDRITZ flash drying technology, the mill is also able to fully utilize its BCTMP plant, which can now produce dry pulp for its internal use, as well as for the market.

TechNews: PrimeFilter D disc filter - Upgraded performance and reliability

Major upgrades and a series of smaller innovations have been incorporated into the new ANDRITZ PrimeFilter D to improve performance and reduce maintenance. The new design includes the latest bagless technology, which is well-proven in over 65 installations to date. The upgraded PrimeFilter D has been well-received already – 15 units have been started up and more orders are being received from leading papermakers.

Kpong scheme

Commissioning works despite all difficulties – Kpong, Ghana

Pilot Plant: Two special customers

ANDRITZ received an unusual request: The world famous Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna needed help to grate and process raw bamboo into refined flour for its giant pandas Yuan Yuan and Yang Yang. ANDRITZ, of course, accepted the challenge.

System strength

The renaissance of rotating machines

A better way to boost screen performance

An innovative concept – ANDRITZ Screen Booster – helps any mill upgrade the performance of its Screen Room. The Booster modules – Basket, Bearing Unit, Rotor, and Dilution Rotor – were created to enhance any of four critical components in a screening system. Any one, or all, of these upgrades can be easily installed on a screen as needed, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

TechNews: The next generation in screening and fractionation

Well-known with over 5,400 pressure screens installed in numerous stock preparation lines worldwide, ANDRITZ presents the latest evolution in screening – the PrimeScreen X. The innovative design of the new screen builds on the successes of the widely valued ModuScreen family, but offers innovative key benefits. The improvements in energy efficiency, screening performance, and maintainability are significant.

India - Kiru
Boosting local cottage industries

India, Kiru

Asagikalekoy Hava - Ocak
Lower Kalekoey, Turkey

Work on home straight

Artboard Copy
How Hydro generates electricity efficiently

Plant operators should integrate digitalization, expert know-how and predictive maintenance.

Rwanda - Rusumo Falls
Rusumo Falls, Rwanda

Cross-border project started

How can we alleviate the effects of diabetes?

To produce effective medication and health care products Novo Nordisk relies on ANDRITZ technologies.

Test rig

Testing for the best – with the world’s strongest R&D rig

Artboard Copy 14
How to make intelligent & efficient use of data?

Metris DryQ, an innovative system for pulp drying, analyzes data, links experts and derives improvements.


Challenges are also opportunities

Artboard Copy 12
What can help through the COVID-19 crisis?

ANDRITZ has developed a line for the production of masks: up to 750,000 masks per day, highest standards.

Health & Safety: The Challenge of COVID-19

ANDRITZ continues to service its customers around the world despite the COVID-19 pandemic. However, strict precautions are insisted upon both in our own operations and at our customer sites to ensure the safety of our own personnel as well as of our customers and any people working on or around projects in which we are involved.

New England Millwright

A Long Developing Partnership for Quality US Mills


Super PremieR Technology for Our Best Friends

Dubai - Hatta
Hatta, Dubai

Hydraulic model “EDF-Accepted”

Karuwa Seti
Da Nhim Upper 3, Vietnam

First CAT project in Vietnam

Paul and Liz Quinn: Agents of Success

Paul Quinn, of Milling Technology Services has been working in the animal feed industry since 1982. He and his wife and business partner, Liz Quinn envision continued success due to the consistent nature of the animal feed industry but also because they have seen approximately 12% annual growth in parallel markets, such as pet food manufacturing, over the last two years.

MCC - Another opportunity for value added products at pulp mills

ANDRITZ is once again providing opportunities for pulp producers to increase the range of added value bio-products in their product portfolios with its A-ConCrystal™ continuous technology for microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) production. There is still an increasing demand for the use of MCC in several fields of applications, strengthening the position of being one of the fastest growing areas in the use of specialty celluloses.

Kawarsi II, India

Challenging terrain

Georgia Biomass: Boosting efficiency at the world’s largest biofuel production plant

Georgia Biomass, located in the Southeastern region of the United States, is the leading supplier of sustainable wood pellets and the largest, most modern facility of its kind in

the world.

Picture this: Critical data from live feed in the recovery boiler

ANDRITZ has utilized visual technology, combined it with the latest in digitization methods and created the Metris AVA Recovery Boiler Toolbox, designed to revolutionize the monitoring and managing of critical boiler operations and activities.

Performance Booster: Reliable measurements from inside the digester

Reliable measurements from inside the digester. ANDRITZ has teamed up with Savcor, a Finnish technology provider specializing in the use of electrochemistry for corrosion prevention and structural health monitoring, and have together developed a novel method to measure alkali levels inside the digester.

Canada - Quebec
Latest news

Updates on Carillon, Pinnapuram, Sambangalou and Barkley

Norway - Dalsfos
Dalsfos, Norway

From old to new

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.

Helping Canada’s most successful pellet producer grow to third largest in the world

A day in the life of ... Franz Harrer

Franz Harrer is the director of the ANDRITZ Steel Yankee and Technology Tissue team. He joined ANDRITZ about 13 years ago as a design engineer for tissue and paper machines providing a product development focus early on.

Maximizing revenues

Australia, Poatina

Äänekoski: Reinventing to get more from less

The pulp making process hasn’t inherently changed over the years; however, ANDRITZ has had a lot of success with reinventing processes and technology in and around mills to increase capacity, improve quality, and cut operating costs. The LimeWhite-H White Liquor Disc Filter is another game-changing development.

De Heus Animal Nutrition

The hands that helped an international animal nutrition powerhouse deliver

Jass Fulda: From shutdown to top-quality paper in just nine days!

ANDRITZ is fully aware of what downtime means to its customers in the paper and board industry – however, to keep ahead in a competitive environment, rebuilding, updating, and refurbishing equipment is essential. The secret is to plan well in advance, shut down quickly, get the work done fast, and then be up and running again as soon as possible.

Arauco MAPA - On schedule for the next phase

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world’s industries, shutting down operations and leading to the mass furloughing and laying off of workers and contractors. However, due to its massive importance to the country of Chile as well as to the global pulp and paper industry, Arauco’s MAPA project has continued, although in a much-adapted way.

Smart bleaching = Major chemical savings

Suzano Imperatriz, located in Maranhão, northern Brazil, is one of the new breed of giant pulp mills. The mill has recently undergone a number of improvements including the implementation of a smart bleaching system from ANDRITZ that is making a real difference when it comes to chemical consumption.

Thailand - Bhumibol
Bhumibol, Thailand

Works successful completed

Montes del Plata: Strengthening drying line performance

Running a pulp mill successfully requires that all processes, technology, and equipment work in harmony across the entire system with the whole chain being only as strong as its weakest link. Metris DryQ™ is the new intelligent solution from ANDRITZ, designed for monitoring data from drying systems, helping to strengthen a vital link in the production chain to optimize the drying performance.

PP_key-visual_Fibria Horizonte 2
Arauco: world's first certified carbon neutral forestry company

ANDRITZ Pulp and Paper supports them on their journey towards climate neutral pulp production

Lightweight Construction Center in Aachen
How can we help lightweight carbon construction to gain acceptance in the automotive industry?

Lightweight fiber composites like carbon are promising candidates for large-scale production in car manufacturing.

Lifland Animal Feed: Iceland’s top feed factory rises from the sea

In 2006, an Icelandic compound feed company decided to make a major investment in the future. The goal: To build the country’s most modern, flexible and productive feed mill.

Brazil - Sobradinho
Stable and reliable energy for years to come

Brazil, Sobradinho

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ provides complete nonwoven production lines for sustainable wet wipes?



Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ offers the complete portfolio for exhaust gas cleaning in the maritime industry?

Ghana - Kpong
Meeting sustainable energy needs

Ghana, Kpong

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ recycling recently developed the new ADuro S shredder to prepare refuse-derived fuels?

Empagran Plant
Solid relationships help one of Ecuador‘s largest shrimp feed producers reach jumbo proportions

Empagran, the parent company of ABA Balanceados and pioneers in the development of aquaculture diets, is a fully integrated aquaculture company dedicated to the entire shrimp production chain. They manufacture feed for shrimp and tilapia, which they have been raising for over 45 years.

Metris X hand
How do you control industrial plants and entire factories or mills very efficiently?

ANDRITZ has developed its own DCS (Distributed Control System), a control and PLC system based on the latest technology, and is thus driving its digitalization strategy systematically forward.

Top class service at the end of the world

Due to its perfect climate for fiber growth, Chile has become a major pulp and paper making nation over recent decades, with some of the world’s largest producers now situated in the South American country. ANDRITZ has also grown its base in Chile, and now offers complete equipment sales, project management, service, and maintenance support for its thriving pulp and paper mills.

CMPC Maule: Going from strength to strength

CMPC Biopackaging – Boxboard and ANDRITZ have been collaborating successfully on ramping up mechanical pulp production for a number of years. The mill has gone from strength to strength, increasing capacity, to supply the demanding global market for high-quality, lightweight, folding boxboard.

hydropower station
Achieving climate goals

Norway, Nedre Otta

How cybersecurity works
How do you protect digital industrial processes?

Cyber attacks on industrial companies have become an everyday occurrence, and the damage they cause can be immense and long-lasting.

What is the most efficient way of producing packaging paper for growth markets?

Zellstoff Pöls AG has entered a new era: Thanks to its additional production line, the Heinzel Group’s location has doubled its capacities for kraft paper grades. Once again, the technological heart of this growth strategy is an innovative paper machine from ANDRITZ.

Robotic solution for a harsh environment

The recovery boiler smelt spout area is an unwelcoming and potentially dangerous place to work. However, essential regular tasks need to be carried out in the area for efficient and smooth operation of the boiler. A combined team of ANDRITZ design experts and workshop engineers have come up with a smart solution, the Smelt Spout Cleaning System, that enables essential work and maintenance to take place in a harsh environment.

RollService benefits of customized roll technology and better analytics

A closer look at the way roll covers, spreader rolls, SMART™ technology and Rezolve predictive analytics improve paper machine productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce operating costs.

Success story PJSC Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill

In Spectrum, we often have the privilege of reporting on new technological breakthroughs. But in this article about upgrading BM1 at PJSC Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill in Ukraine, that is not so much the focus. The new shoe press and calender from ANDRITZ have brought gains, true, but what was arguably most interesting in this case was …

South Korea - Hwacheon
Hwacheon, South Korea

For more efficiency

Italy - Bressanone
Hydropower from a medieval heart

Italy, Bressanone

Safety first in everything we do

ANDRITZ is always exploring ways to take the ever-important issues of Health & Safety to new levels. We have recently launched the internationally recognized IOSH Managing Safely courses for all employees engaged in responsible positions within our pulp and paper activities around the globe.

Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping colleagues and customers safe

Sapro nonwovens: A clinical operation with maximized efficiency

The production area of Turkish specialist nonwovens producer Sapro is more like a group of clinical laboratories than the production hub of one of the world’s largest producers of wet wipes. And it’s not just super clean; the company has embarked on a journey utilizing Metris solutions that will see it become one of the most efficient wet wipe producers in the industry.

Pöls: One plus one is more than two.

Wood, pulp, and paper have long determined the fortunes of the Pöls community in Styria. Here Zellstoff Pöls AG produces longfiber sulfate pulp and kraft papers. With an additional production line based on the exceptional ANDRITZ PrimeLine paper machine, the Heinzel Group site is now focusing more than ever on the world market.

SCA's pulp mill in Östrand
Better and better: ANDRITZ to modernize SCA’s pulp mill in Östrand, Sweden

SCA ’s pulp mill in Östrand, Sweden, has reinvented itself in a mammoth, three-year project. ANDRITZ contributed the advanced technology and extensive know-how for one of the country’s largest industrial investments.

Green storage battery

Lysefjord in southwestern Norway is spectacular: The deep blue inlet extends 42 kilometers inland, framed by rugged cliffs hundreds of meters high. At the end of the fjord, a different kind of gem is ensconced deep in the rock: the new Lysebotn II hydropower station. The Lyse Group produces highly efficient “green energy” here – with effective support from ANDRITZ.

Heap of gold ore
Digital gold

In the largest gold mine in the eastern USA, the ANDRITZ Digital Twin technology is being used to optimize many facets of the gold mining process.

Chris Sousa and Mike Carroll
Changing cultures

Chris Sousa from ANDRITZ met Mike Carroll, Vice President of Innovation of Georgia-Pacific Corporation, one of the world’s leaders in producing paper and tissue for mostly giant industrial customers, talked about the essence and the results of their work together.

Taiwan Chichi Nanan 2
ChiChi Nanan and ShiZhun, Taiwan

Pushing renewable energy

2,400,000 m3. Every day. How can you handle the world’s toughest wastewater challenges?

Challenging municipal budgets. Water shortages. A need for renewable energy. Today, there’s simply no room for waste. Getting the most efficient separation is essential not just to profitability but ensuring sustainable growth.

Laos - Empire of the sun

Sun Paper Holding Laos started up its 300,000 t/a greenfield pulp mill near the small town of Xepon, Savannakhet Province, Laos, last year after just 20 months from the signing of supplier contracts. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply various key technologies for the project.

Nettingsdorf: World first. Again.

Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf has been something of a trailblazer through the years. It was one of the first paper mills ever to use a shoe press and one of the first to try out “continuous batch” pulp cooking. And now, they have another world first to report …

Holmen Hallsta: It’s all about customer satisfaction

When integrated Swedish mill Holmen Paper Hallsta wanted to further enhance its book paper production process, it called on ANDRITZ to carry out a rather unique project of utilizing two second-hand twin wire presses, and an existing, pre-used screw press to increase capacity and improve pulp quality for its PM 12.

Hilmer Andersson: Shredding waste into profit

In modern mill and wood processing plants, adding value all along the production chain has become a “must have”. ANDRITZ Universal Shredders provide a vital link in the chain by solving waste wood problems at the same time as turning them into valuable, sellable products.

Foresee digitally with Metris

A portfolio of ANDRITZ digital solutions.

A hidden gem in geotextiles

Manifattura Fontana in Italy recently doubled capacity by installing a state-of-the-art neXline needlepunch line supplied by ANDRITZ.

Metris OPP

Imagine the ability to produce the best product at the lowest cost every hour of the day – that is optimization in a nutshell.

ANDRITZ and Xerium

The perfect fit for future innovation in fabrics and rolls

Metris Performance Center

Experts on demand. The new Metris Performance Center expands service to papermakers around the world by putting an ANDRITZ expert virtually in the mill’s control room whenever needed.

TechNews: A-Recovery+ chemical recovery concept

allows mills to see the chemical cycle in a new light.

China - Shanxi
From south to north

China, Shanxi Xiaolangdi - Yellow river diversion project

Key Equipment: HHQ Chipper

ANDRITZ integrates several innovative technologies to increase chipper throughput and wood chip quality.

New tissue forming fabrics

The patented QSB forming fabric design allows producers to improve tissue product quality and machine performance.

Automation: Metris condition monitoring

We are living in a century where digital devices monitor every move and our own mobile devices know everything about us – where we go, what we do, our health status, and much more. The data available on our lives transfers mobile phones into our private assistants and supports us in many endeavors with helpful functions and hints. Industries are being enabled in a similar way to monitor and control all assets and plants and improve performance in an effort to achieve perfection.

Arauco: The start of Arauco’s mapa project

Arauco’s MAPA project in Chile represents not only the most important expansion the company has ever undertaken, it is also currently the only major eucalyptus pulp project taking place in the world. The company operates five mills in Chile, one in Argentina, and has a joint venture in Uruguay, together with Stora Enso.

Laakirchen: „ANDRITZ was the right choice“

On October 28, 2017, Laakirchen Papier AG in Austria celebrated production of its first containerboard reel: a milestone in an ambitious rebuild project that was of great strategic importance for the papermaker and for the main supplier – ANDRITZ. At the beginning of January 2019, more than one year later, PM 10 was running with basis weights of around 100 g/m2 at a speed of 1,300 to 1,330 m/min. CEO Thomas Welt comments, “We have achieved the goals set for speed development.”

Digitalization as a Megatrend

Digitalization is progressing in leaps and bounds: The main reasons for this are technical progress, constant further development of the internet, mobile applications and technologies based on artificial intelligence, and increasing globalization. Technology trends emerging as a result of digitalization, such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analytics by means of Big Data, and AR (Augmented Reality), not only have a considerable impact on society and the working environment, but also on business operations in industry.

spectrum39_ADITLO-Simo_cover (1)
A day in the life of Simo Pylkkänen

Workplace: ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy, Finland

Position: Managing Director

Turning a shutdown into a pitstop

Just like super-fast pit stops in Grand Prix Formula One racing, ANDRITZ has been concentrating on helping customers to minimize shutdown times, utilizing its Metris OPP platform. The dedicated Metris Planning App is integrated into the platform and is already achieving remarkable results in shutdown efficiencies.


ANDRITZ and OTORIO: a perfect combination for ensuring safe digital growth

Henan Tianbang: Taking Control

Henan Tianbang Group Paper Company takes enormous pride in the quality of its fine paper products that are known and used all over China, as well as being exported around the world. When the company decided to end its dependence on market pulp and produce its own mechanical pulp, ANDRITZ was the first to be called.

HELIOS shines bright at SCA Östrand

The largest engineering projects northern Sweden has ever seen was completed recently with the doubling of capacity at SCA Östrand’s softwood kraft pulp mill. The project – named Helios after the God of the Sun in Greek mythology – is now setting a new global benchmark in high-performance pulp production. ANDRITZ supplied some of the latest key technology to the completely rebuilt mill.

CETI: Working at the cutting edge

Major, definitive research into nonwoven raw materials, applications and production models and methods are all in a day’s work for the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) in France. The latest ANDRITZ state-of-the-art air-through bonding nonwoven technology is right at the heart of the center’s globally renowned research.

Braviken - Aug 2018 (24)
Holmen Braviken Mill: Small steps to big improvements

The Holmen Group’s Braviken Paper Mill, situated in eastern Sweden, has always prided itself on being at the top of its game when it comes to production efficiency and quality of final product. When it needed to further enhance its TMP’s capacity and efficiency – but crucially keep costs to a minimum – ANDRITZ was at hand to provide a tailor-made solution.

ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls – a new force in consumables

Xerium acquisition boosts ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls to full-line supplier.

Soedra_Moerrum_Photohooting_Oct2018-hires (84)
Södra Cell Mörrum - Target: Zero fossil fuels

Södra Cell is one of those far-sighted northern European pulp producers that is constantly looking for ways to become fossil-fuel free and to make high-grade products in the most environmentally sound ways possible. ANDRITZ recently aided Södra Cell towards its sustainability target by supplying the latest in evaporation plant technology to its Mörrum mill in southern Sweden.

UPM-Schongau PowerBoiler July2018 (9)
UPM Schongau: We need to protect what we have

When Germany introduced new emissions targets, UPM’s Schongau mill stayed ahead of the game.

Performance booster - FIBER GPS™

The shortest route to fiber quality. Innovative GPS navigates shortest route to fiber quality at lowest cost. Like your smartphone's GPS can guide you almost anywhere in the world, the "papermaking GPS" guides you in making the right choices about fiber mix, applied energy, and paper quality. It’s significantly reducing trial and error on your machine and saving time and money.

IDEAS Digital Twin in Process Industries

The improvement in accuracy has made simulation a fundamental predictive and diagnostic tool in process industries.

ANDRITZ & Novimpianti - Mutual respect

More than three decades ago, Pietro Saccomano co-founded Novimpianti, an Italian firm specializing in air systems and reducing energy consumption. Earlier this year, Novimpianti became ANDRITZ Novimpianti, part of the ANDRITZ Paper & Tissue Division. We spoke about the deal with Pietro Saccomano and Klaus Gissing, ANDRITZ Paper & Tissue.

Market Trends: PULP TRENDS

“The good times are returning” according to Oliver Lansdell, Director, Hawkins Wright, provider of market intelligence and analytical services to the international pulp, paper, and biomass industries. And it seems the pulp industry, in particular, is enjoying something of a renaissance. There are various reasons for this optimism, including increasing demand for virgin fiber content in tissue and hygiene products, the exciting growth of renewable packaging, and strong demand in niche applications such as wood-based textile fibers and other new markets in the bioeconomy.

Key Equipment: Let your performance grow

The Pulp Drying System combines selected areas of development into one drying line.

Ilkka 111018.00_03_06_05.Standbild018
A day in the life of Ilkka Poikolainen

Workplace: Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill, Finland; Position: Vice President of the bioproduct mill Metsä Group gave permission to the SPECTRUM editorial team in early October 2018 to share a DAY IN THE LIFE of Ilkka Poikolainen, Vice President of the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski.

Metris Basissujet (1)
Growing with digitalization

Interview with President and CEO Wolfgang Leitner.

Breaking new ground

The world’s most modern research center for tissue in Graz.

Autonomous operation

The ANDRITZ answer to the digital transformation is: OPP.

Efficiency 4.0

Technology, sustainability, and profitability form a dynamic entity.

More output

The Montrose hydroelectric power plant has been using the Metris DiOMera monitoring system from ANDRITZ since 2016. Tony Nott, Operations Director at Alterra Power, and Operations Engineer Nicholas Adams talk about their experiences and plans.

Fault-free 24/7

voestalpine Automotive Components in Dettingen produces 750,000 parts for the car industry every week. The innovative smartphone app from Schuler – a member of the ANDRITZ GROUP – provides valuable assistance here.

Automation: Enhanced. Embedded. Eco-friendly.

A totally integrated automation solution for tissue producers is on display at the PrimeLine Tissue Innovation and Applications Center in Graz.

Automation MobileApps: Information in the palm of your hand

Mobile capabilities of the Metris Platform can be scaled to the information needs of each customer.

Tiloth station on the Bhagrathi River in the north of India
An Engineering Challenge

Tiloth, India

Performance Booster


How do you clean up 375,000 m3 of contaminated river sediment every year?

Our membrane filter presses helped remediate more than 13 miles of contaminated riverbed in the Lower Fox River in Wisconsin, with each filter press capable of producing 18 tons of filter cake every hour.

Market Trends: MEGATRENDS

They may consist of a group of smaller trends and phenomena. The most important ones are technological development, population growth and urbanization, shifts in economic power, and increasing environmental awareness caused by resource stress and climate change. For the pulp and paper industry, these megatrends emerge as both opportunities and challenges.

Ultra high dispersing: Cleaner stock at the highest level of performance

Due to the contaminants in recycled fiber, dispersion is a key process step. The previous state-of-the-art dispersion operated with an inlet feed consistency of 25-30%.

View of the hydropower station E.B. Campbell, Canada
More Power from the Saskatchewan

E.B. Campbell, Canada

TechNews: A hollistic approach


The SPECTRUM ROUND TABLE: The fiber revolution

Is the industry ready to replace fossil-fuel-based products?

If a centrifuge works in theory, why make it bulletproof?

Our installed base of more than 55,000 solid/liquid separation solutions and systems means we take service extremely seriously. We work closely with all of our customers to ensure a lifetime of efficiency and reliability.

Decision support wall: Going live

Videowall technology for pulp mills.

Fibria: One team - one goal

It sits like a gleaming city surrounded by a sea of green. Fibria’s Três Lagoas pulp mill is now one of the world’s largest pulp making facilities. With the new Horizonte 2 line starting up at the mill in August 2017, the company is on target to produce over 7.25 million tonnes a year of top quality, prime eucalyptus pulp.

PrimeLine TIAC - Tissue Innovation and Application Center

Opening up a world of possibilities in tissue

OKI: All set to take on the world

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has often made it abundantly clear that its ambition is to be the No.1 supplier of pulp and paper around the world. The company’s last 2.8 million tonnes a year development, OKI, is a signal that those ambitions remain firmly in place. ANDRITZ technology is right at the center of the greenfield mill development in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Can a chemical filtering technology really help feed a nation of 252,000,000 people?

Are you looking to boost output for growing markets? Need to lower operating costs with an automation system that’s ahead of the curve? How can you ensure your next product innovation is error-free? And how will you guarantee 24/7 production?

A day in the life of Frederik Rosén

With a background in both physics and business administration, Rosén works for RISE in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. RISE is a research and development institute with a dedicated Bioeconomy Division focused on pioneering developments for the forest products industry.

Sun Paper: Helping to save the planet piece by piece

Sun Paper’s Honghe mill, based in Shandong Province, China, needed a tailor-made handling system to process rejects from two OCC production lines feeding its PM 31 and PM 32 paper machines. ANDRITZ successfully delivered one system in 2016 which has been quickly followed by a second.

Chitianhua: Bamboo tigers

Taison Group’s Twin PrimeLineSTs

Bhadrachalam: Declaration of Independence

Indian packaging and paperboard giant, ITC Paperboard & Specialty Papers, is well on its way to achieving the challenging ambition of becoming 100% self-sufficient in local wood and fiber supply for its Bhadrachalam Mill in the state of Telangana, Southern India.

ANDRITZ Paperchine

Key to expansion in North America

Small and Mini Hydro

Highlights worldwide

Automation: Metris Augmented Reality Glasses

Foresee digitally – enhanced potential for interactive operation and maintenance

Dissolving pulp fibers in a person's hand
Global Trends in DISSOLVING PULP

According to Rod Young, RISI’s Chief Economic Advisor, the turnaround of dissolving pulp supply and demand over the last decade has been nothing short of amazing

Vorstand der ANDRITZ HYDRO - Wolfgang Semper und Harald Heber

State-of-the-art technology for fish-friendly design and Mini-Grid solutions are the main topics of ths HYDRO News issue.

View of the Gartshore power house in Canada
Latest News

Short news about different water power projects around the world

TechTalk - New technologies: Lignin Removal

New technologies for Lignin Recovery and sulfuric acid production in a kraft pulp mill

Hydro News 31

Fish-friendly designs by ANDRITZ HYDRO

Hydroelectric power plant Dnipro 1, Ukraine
In the Flow of History

Dnipro I, Ukraine

Skyline of Atalanta
Water for Atlanta

Atlanta, USA

Laakirchen: Ready for the future

A rebuild for premium production

Rock island hydropower plant at night
Connecting History with Future

Rock Island, USA

New project hydroelectric installation Nam Na 1, Vietnam
30 MW for Vietnam

Nam Na 1, Vietnam

The Big Difference

Fish-friendly designs by ANDRITZ HYDRO

Sun rising in Angola, Africa
Renewable Energy for Angola

Lauca, Angola

Hydropower installation Pimental in Brazil
Done within 364 Days

Pimental, Brazil

Eldorado Celulose - Self-driving mill?

There is a lot of news available about Google, Uber, and the automobile manufacturers’ efforts to develop autonomous automobiles (i.e., unattended and self-driving vehicles capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input).

Powerhouse with spare runner in the Sogamoso installation in Colombia
Providing about 8%

Sogamoso, Colombia

What does it take to upgrade a centuries-old winemaking tradition to get 20% more yield?

With more than 100 years’ experience in the food industry, serving everyone from multinationals to smaller family operations, we can promise you one thing: your goals come first.

Xayaburi site in Lao PDR
Three Million Households

Xayaburi, Lao PDR

Key Equipment: Enhanced services for ANDRITZ DD-Washers

With installations in 24 countries, the DD-Washer is clearly preferred for fiberline washing applications. To support this installed base, ANDRITZ has developed a full range of monitoring, diagnostic, and support services to reduce lifecycle costs and keep availability high.

Skyline of Ottawa, Canada
Bringing Hydro to the Heart of the City

Interview with Franz Kropp about Chaudière Falls

A 3D simulation of the hdropower plant Graz-Puntigam on the Mur River in Austria
Saving 60,000 tons

Graz Puntigam, Austria

Child reading in a book using light coming from an electric lamp
From Darkness into the Light

Mini Grid Solution


Getting to the heart of industry matters

View of the Yen Nghia hydropower plant in Vietnam
Big in Vietnam

Yen Nghia, Vietnam

Powerhouse of Innertkirchen, Siwtzerland
Innertkirchen 3, Switzerland

More power for Grimselstrom

Compact turbine scheme
Luachimo, Angola

New Compact turbines for more power

Namgang, South Korea
Namgang, South Korea

Output increase of about 20%

Carhuac, Peru

Minimizing environmental impact

Event Highlights

Compact Workshop (Pakistan), Hydro Vision International and AFRICA 2017

Customer Days

Over recent years ANDRITZ HYDRO has launched Customer Day events in various countries with great success.

ANDRITZ Group headquarter, Graz, Austria
Pumps magazine
ANDRITZ Hydro Management - Wolfgang Semper, Harald Heber

New opportunities for pumped storage, development of the global hydropower market

Hydropower project Abdelmoumen, Morocco
Key Investment for Renewable Energy

Abdelmoumen, Morocco

Hydropower project Alto Tamega, Portugal
The Largest in History

Alto Tâmega, Portugal

Repairs on the power station Callahuanca in Peru
Bring Back to Life

Callahuanca, Peru

Water is a scarce commodity
A Scarce Commodity

Kaleshwaram, India

A new System for a known Phenomenon

Auto-oscillation protection by ANDRITZ Hydro

View of Fengning, China
Balancing Technology

Fengning 2, China

Pumped Storage for the Future

What is the future role of pumped storage and how can this technology contribute to sustainable development goals?

Pumped Storage in Australia

On the road to a 100% renewable electricity future

Dam of the Hongin-Léman pump storage power plant in Switzerland
Significant Energy Development

Hongrin-Léman, Switzerland

Indian Temple
Strengthening Market Ties

Location India

How do you more than double your starch production with 85% fewer dewatering centrifuges?

We helped one of the world’s largest starch producers improve productivity from 400 to 1,000 tons per day of commercial dry starch with three fully automated Krauss-Maffei peeler centrifuges.

Riikinvoima: If you go down to the woods today ...

The classic children’s nursery rhyme continues … “you’ll be in for a big surprise”.

Power plant Whakamura in New Zealand
Upgrading Power

Whakamaru, New Zealand

Peak Power 1,300 MW

Vianden, Luxembourg

A week in the life of George Reynolds, ANDRITZ

After starting out in the fiberglass industry in 1984, George Reynolds joined ANDRITZ North America in 2005 as an Account Manager specifically focusing on stock preparation and recycled fiber mill customers on the West Coast.

Success - Perseverance Pays

Teesta Stage III, India

Energy into the Jungle

Mwadingusha, DR Congo

100 % Redundancy

Paraiso, Guaca, Betania - Colombia

River landscape in Bolivia
Boosting Bolivia's Goal

San José 1 and 2, Bolivia

Producing more Clean Energy

Vrangfoss, Norway

How do you transform a desert coal mine into an award-winning oasis?

Need to boost ore throughput? Improve your separation of precious minerals? Whatever your mineral processing needs, we help you reduce operating costs and improve quality Think of us as the solid/liquid separation experts.

In total 550 MVA

Lower Kaleköy, Turkey

Sea transport of the turbines
The Next Generation

Meygen, Scotland

Harnessing the Power of Tides

Swansea Bay, Wales

Small & Mini Hydro

Highlights worldwide

Extension of the pumped storage plant Hongrin Léman in Switzerland
30 GWh into the Grid

Hongrin Lémans Extension, Switzerland

Storåselva, Norway

On track

Montes del Plata: Metris cloud engineering

Saves time and money

Traunleiten, Austria

Bulb turbines for more power

Barrinha, Brazil

First Mini Compact for Brazil

HPP Llys Y Fran in Wales
Llys Y Fran, Wales - United Kingdom

Order execution in a record speed

Landscape in Nepal
Kalanga Project Cluster, Nepal

Energizing the Himalayas

view a Hydropower plant in the virtual reality
Fairs and Exhibitions

A new experience

Paul Unmuth
On / off - The Interactive Exhibition all about the Power Grid

ANDRITZ Hydro is sponsoring a ten year exhibition at the "technisches museum wien"

What does it take to secure a safe, affordable water supply for future generations?

Our ANDRITZ C-Press helped upgrade one outdated potable water treatment plant to treat more than 2,500 m3 of potable water per day, with minimal sludge production, low maintenance, and full remote monitoring.

Pure medical grade bicarbonate? Or 100,000 tones for food production?

We supplied dewatering and drying equipment for one of the world’s largest production lines for sodium bicarbonate, with an annual capacity of 100,000 tones and 15% less energy consumption than conventional technologies.

How can a city’s wastewater plant produce over 10% more energy with fewer polymers?

RheoScan, our automated optical polymer measurement and dosage system, helped one wastewater plant to achieve 34% lower polymer consumption in the belt thickener alone, and more than 10% increase in annual biogas production.

Panorama view of the hydropower plant Chenaux GS, Canada
Automation at its Best

Chenaux GS, Canada

How do you dewater more ore with less impact?

The PMC magnetite dewatering plant lies just outside one of the world’s most biodiverse national parks. But excessive pond usage had resulted in oversaturation, 20% longer drying times, and increased environmental risks.

Can a clarifier give you the freedom and flavor to elevate the craft in your beer?

Our uniquely efficient and easy-to-use craft beer clarifier skid makes it possible to create the world’s finest beers with half the operation time, better beer quality, and up to 15% increased yield?

One of Europe’s largest wastewater plants handles 2 million challenges a day. What are yours?

Challenging municipal budgets. Water shortages. A need for renewable energy. Today, there’s simply no room for waste. Getting the most efficient separation is essential not just to profitability but ensuring sustainable growth.

How do you satisfy over 100 million connoisseurs with the taste and texture they demand?

Need to boost ore throughput? Improve your separation of precious minerals? Whatever your mineral processing needs, we help you reduce operating costs and improve quality Think of us as the solid/liquid separation experts.

Äänekoski: A mill for the 21st century

Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill has been the talk of the global pulp and paper industry for some time now with its outstanding environmental efficiencies and ambitions for new products derived from wood. Starting up in August 2017, ANDRITZ supplied crucial technology to help make the Äänekoski bioproduct mill a showcase production site for the 21st Century.

Customer Days 2017

Foshan - Hanoi - Kathmandu

Eldorado: BIG THINKING - BIG RESULTS. A self-operating mill

Autonomous automobiles use a variety of techniques to gather data about their surroundings and feed this data to advanced control systems that interpret the inputs and identify appropriate navigation paths. The development of autonomous pulp mills using Metris OPP is following a similar path – and Eldorado Celulose is an early adopter of this technology. The results have had a big economic payback.