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Kalanga Project Cluster, Nepal

Energizing the Himalayas

ANDRITZ Hydro further strengthened its position in Nepal by bagging a contract for three hydropower projects in the Kalanga river basin after nine long months of deliberations.

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ANDRITZ Hydro was chosen as the supplier for electro-mechanical equipment by the Kalanga Group of Companies of Nepal, a well-known independent power producer (IPP).

The projects are located in the Bajhang District in the far west of Nepal. ANDRITZ Hydro is to supply three vertical, four-jet Pelton turbines for HPP Upper Kalanga Gad, two horizontal Francis turbines for HPP Kalanga Gad and two horizontal Pelton turbines for HPP Upper Sanigad, including the entire electro-mechanical equipment. Erection and commissioning conclude the scope of the contract.

The projects are all scheduled to be put into commercial operation by mid- respectively the end of 2020 and are set to boost Nepalese energy production by a total of more than 64 MW.


Upper Kalanga GadKalanga Gad
Upper Sanigad
Total output:38.46 MWTotal output:15.34 MW  Total output:10.7 MW
Scope:3 x 12.82 MW     Scope:2 x 7.67 MW       Scope:2 x 5.35 MW
Voltage:11 kVVoltage:11 kVVoltage:11 kV
Head:589.29 mHead:115.83 mHead:416.05 m
Speed:750 rpmSpeed:600 rpmSpeed:750 rpm
Runner diameter:1,250 mmRunner diameter:1,073 mmRunner diameter:1,070 mm

Author: Sanjay Panchai

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