How do you satisfy over 100 million connoisseurs with the taste and texture they demand?

Satisfying the world’s smallest customers can be a big challenge. Sensitive to particular flavors, infants and toddlers need their food to be the right consistency, easy to digest, and absolutely one-hundred percent pure.

Thanks to the unique flavor, gelatinization, and easy digestion achieved by ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryers, our technology has become the industry standard in baby food production. In fact, every major multinational producer now relies on our drum dryers to create safe, nutritious products for more than 100 million consumers worldwide.

To date, more than 500 ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryers and 20 turnkey lines have been installed for baby food production. All so our customers can deliver the taste and texture their most sensitive consumers deserve.

How do you satisfy over 100 million connoisseurs?

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