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Short news about waterpower projects around the world

Contract signing for two pump units in the Fengning Pumped Storage, China


New Contract; June 2017; 1,800 MW; Fengning Pumped Storage Ltd. Co.; two 306 MW/333MVA pump units incl. Balance of Plant, Electric Power Systems (EPS) as well as protection and control systems and governors; closing scheduled for mid-2021.

Landscape near the hydropower plant Alto Tamega in Portugal


New Contract; July 2017; 922 tons; Iberdrola Generación Espana S.A.U.; hydro-mechanical equipment including trash racks, gates and stop logs as well as control systems;

Excavation for the hydropower installations in Vietnam

THAC CÁ 2 & DONG SUNG, Vietnam

New contract; June 2017; 16 MW each; Xuan Thien Yen Bai Co.Ltd.; electro-mechanical equipment including a horizontal shaft Bulb turbine-generator for each plant incl. mechanical auxiliaries, electric power systems, and automation; completion mid- respectively end of 2019;

View of the Gartshore power house in Canada


New Contract; June 2017; 23.5 MW; Great Lakes PowerLimited; general major rehabilitation incl. new Kaplan runner, stator winding and turbine governor; completion planned October 2018;

Installation works at Temascal, Mexico

TEMASCAL 1, Mexico

Project update; June 2017; 338 MW; Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE); unit #4 successfully delivered and ready for commissioning, guaranteed values of power and efficiency exceeded; site works for unit #3 started;

Installation works at Golen Gol, Pakistan

GOLEN GOL, Pakistan

Project update; June 2017; 110 MW; Water & Power development authorities (WAPDA); rotor and stator of unit #1 successfully installed; pre-assembly for unit #2 and #3 ongoing; closing scheduled for end of 2018;

Hydropower installation Chenaux GS


New Contract; June 2017; 143.7 MW; Ontario Power Generation; replacing of all control and protection systems for eight generators; including design, installation and commissioning; completion scheduled end of 2019;

Small & Mini Hydro

Team of the hydropower station Wölzerbach in Austria


one 0.5 MW horizontal axial turbine;  Murauer EnergieZentrum


"from-water-to-wire" package; 9.96 MW; Helgeland Kraft AS


Bulb turbines and synchronous generators; 2 x 10.3 MW; Wels Strom GmbH

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