Small & Mini Hydro

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The market for small and mini hydropower is expanding rapidly. In times of globalization and significant demographic and social change there are many opportunities for medium and small appli­cations and decentralized off-grid solutions. Similarly, requests for smaller standardized units to be installed alongside or even as an alternative to large generating units are increasing, either to supply local communities or to meet economic as well as ecological demands.

Luzma I and II

Antiochia | Colombia
Start of commissioning June 2017
Output: 2 × 11.4 MW each
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment
Highlight: 2 HPPs including dissipation systems of 20 MW each


Sucumbios | Ecuador
Start of commissioning June 2017
Output: 2 × 25 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package
Highlight: 65 MW HPP including big pressure relief valves

Ranney Falls

Trent River, Northumberland | Canada
Output: 1 × 10.5 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package
Highlight: 10 MW ECOBulb* turbine, future largest output worldwide

Skyline of Ottawa, Canada

Chaudière Falls

Ottawa | Canada
Commissiong in finalization
Output: 4 x 8 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package
Highlight: most powerful ECOBulb*
turbines by ANDRITZ HYDRO to date
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Cotopaxi, Cantón Sigchos | Ecuador
Put into commercial operation
Output: 3 × 6 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment


French Alps | France
Installation on schedule
Output: 1 × 1.5 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical
equipment; abandoned since 1998,
now in rehabilitation
Highlight: Mini Compact project

Schattenhalb 1+

Canton Berne | Switzerland
Put into commercial operation
Output: 1 × 2.77 MW
Scope: vertical Pelton turbine
Highlight: Reichenbach Creek famous
through Sherlock Holmes novel


Santa Eulalia River | Peru
Project execution on schedule
Output: 2 × 10 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package
More info on the project

Nam Ban 3

Nam Ban River, Lai Chau Province | Vietnam
Output: 2 × 11 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment

Powerhouse of Innertkirchen, Siwtzerland

Innertkirchen 3

Canton Berne | Switzerland
Put into commercial operation
Output: 1 × 3.2 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment
Highlight: add 11.5 GWh/year electrical energy for Canton of Berne

More info on the project


Nkusi River/Lake Albert | Uganda
Output: 1 × 10.58 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package;
Highlights: high quality delivery with minimal interphases and simplified logistics


Lunda-North Province | Angola
Output: 4 × 9 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment; complete new 36 MW powerhouse next existing power station
Highlight: Compact Axial Turbines (CAT)


Poonch District of Jammu &
Kashmir state | India
Output: 3 × 12.5 MW
Scope: “from water-to-wire” package
Highlights: anti-abrasive coating of runner and nozzle assemblies


North Sumatra | Indonesia
Output: 3 × 13.73 MW
Scope: entire electro-mechanical package for all three generating units
Highlights: major contribution to meet electricity demand of Sumatra Island


Namgang River | South Korea
Output: 2 × 9.2 MW
Scope: turnkey refurbishment incl. Balance of Plant equipment
Highlight: 20% increase of output
More info on the project

Chau Thang

Quang River | Vietnam
Commissioning June 2017
Output: 2 × 7 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment
Highlights: first low-head Kaplan out of India

Houay Kapheu

Saravane Province | Lao PDR
Output: 2 × 2,5 MW
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment

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