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I am glad that my page has aroused your curiosity. You're probably wondering what's behind the name "Pumps". My pages, print or digital, will show you. At this point, I will only tell you this: Power - People - Places - Pumps. You are PUMPS! We are all PUMPS!

I am our magazine and would like to put into perspective what makes us different - namely people, emotions, places and interesting exciting technology. In these four categories, I will tell exciting stories about us, our many locations but also very personal stories - and of course about our heart, the pumps. I will be there every three months and each issue will out a focus on another umbrella term. The very first edition focuses on the heart. But I promise you, my pumping stories are breathtaking and different, just like all the other stories!

Enjoy reading and marveling - and do not forget: It's your story I'm waiting for...



Pumps Magazine

Impressions from the first Pumps edition

ANDRITZ employee Eduardo Aliste introduces us to his very personal Santiago de Chile.


The Pumps magazine shows a fascinating selection of heart-shaped islands worldwide.



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Your stories

Your story is an essential heartbeat keeping this magazine alive. I am waiting for your story...

Pumps Magazine
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