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The second edition of the Pump Magazine talks everything about salt. The background of this picture is a close-up of an artwork by the salt artist Yamamoto Motoi, who is also featured in the magazine.

© Yamamoto Motoi


I am glad that my page has aroused your curiosity. You're probably wondering what's behind the name "Pumps". My pages, print or digital, will show you. At this point, I will only tell you this: Power - People - Places - Pumps. 

Be different, that's what I am aiming for. In my four main categories – power, people, places, and pumps - I will present pumps from a new perspective by telling exciting and diverse stories about our many locations, our employees and, of course, our pumps. Every edition will focus on a different major umbrella term. My very first edition, for example, revolves around the topic of hearts, whereas my second one deals with the subject salt. Regardless of the umbrella term, I can promise you fascinating, thrilling and unexpected stories, comparisons and facts. I will get released quarterly and be spread among everyone who is interested. Fairs, recruiting-events, presentations or corporate events are the most common places where you can grab one of my issues. However, I am also available on many more occasions and locations as well as upon personal request.

Enjoy reading and marveling!



Pumps Magazine

Impressions from the latest Pumps edition about salt

ANDRITZ employee Muhammad Abou Daoud shows us "his" Dubai


An ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pump, ACP series, is only slightly bigger than Cellini's 'Saliera'


Heart issue

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Salt issue

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