Super PremieR Technology for Our Best Friends

PremieRpet®, located in Dourado, São Paulo, Brazil, is a company specializing in high-quality food for dogs and cats and the owners of the brands PremieR, GoldeN and Vitta. With a focus on innovation, PremieRpet® prioritizes quality ingredients for the best in animal health and welfare. The brand is prominent in the super-premium segment with a portfolio of more than 270 items sold exclusively in pet shops and veterinary clinics offering the best nutrition at all stages of life.


These super-premium brands of wet and dry foods and treats for dog and cat food are manufactured based on scientific research, using the most advanced technology, and include only the highest quality ingredients. This attention to all aspects of the process is essential, so owners can offer their pets a healthy diet that promotes quality of life and longevity.

Industrial director Cássio Macedo de Toledo expresses the company's desire to meet consumer needs: "We must respond to the ever-increasing demand for our products. So, we have established a growth plan and set a goal for a new complete line in less than 12 months."

The new extrusion line includes ANDRITZ extruders, dryers, conditioners, hammer mills, vacuum coaters, refrigerators, and automation controls. These additions mirror the six previous extruder lines that ANDRITZ supplied to PremieRpet® in the past.

"When identifying a supplier for any of our equipment, we look for product reliability and a sound automation system for precision process control. Mostly, however, we are looking for an experienced partner who will help us solve problems as they arise. We found this partner at ANDRITZ ", explains Toledo.


We are looking for an experienced partner who will help us solve problems as they arise. We found this partner at ANDRITZ.

Cássio Macedo de Toledo,
Industrial director

He also explains that the main objective of this new line is to maintain the quality standards achieved in all other process and equipment lines. "This uniformity makes it easier to perform maintenance and minimizes inventory costs. Especially with ANDRITZ providing comprehensive training after commissioning ", he says.

Toledo also points out that ANDRITZ was able to supply everything that PremieRpet® needed, the development of process solutions, and the equipment of production lines. "As a result, we have achieved additional production capacity for the next two years, with a reduction in our general expenses," he celebrates.

But ANDRITZ is always one step ahead. In addition to installing new equipment for the processing lines, the company's service team in Brazil makes monthly visits that include preventive maintenance service and support. During these maintenance visits, all replaced parts are sent for analysis and reporting. This practice allows the service team to make recommendations for crucial parts and services and PremieRpet® can plan more complex maintenance projects in advance, ensuring high availability of production lines. 

"ANDRITZ has always worked with us since the first service contract signed in 2015, and now also offers a customized consignment program with a local inventory of wear parts and spare parts with exclusive access to PremieRpet®, whenever necessary ", highlights the industrial director. In this way, PremieRpet® can avoid interruptions in production, benefit from increased performance, energy efficiency, and capacity, in addition to planning the construction of additional production lines in the future. 

"We believe in the quality of ANDRITZ equipment, and we know that we can trust the company to support our continued growth. A true partner, always willing to collaborate, leaving us no doubt that it will be the first company that we will consider in our future bidding processes, expansions or improvements ", he concludes.


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