One of Europe’s largest wastewater plants handles 2 million challenges a day. What are yours?

In Ambarli, Turkey, more than two million people depend on the capabilities of just one wastewater treatment plant. But as strict new environmental regulations came into effect, the city’s outdated facilities became unsustainable.

To meet new demands, the new facility would need to treat 400,000 cubic meters of sewage per day within a very compact building. Technologies, costs, and energy consumption would all be subject to highly stringent regulations.

Our solution was a new sludge drying plant with six ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryers, each with a capacity of 100 tons of sludge cake per day. By converting biogas into electricity, the fully automated plant is able to achieve every one of its performance requirements while ensuring an optimal energy balance for decades to come.

How can you handle 2 million challenges a day?

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