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Pimental, Brazil - Site Report

Pimental hydropower plant, located on the Xingu River in Brazil, is the complementary powerhouse of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant. Belo Monte is the second largest hydropower plant in Brazil and the fourth largest in the world. With six 38.8 MW generating units, all supplied by ANDRITZ HYDRO, the Pimental hydropower station was fully completed at the beginning of 2017 and is now in commercial operation.

ANDRITZ HYDRO received the contract for the Pimental hydropower plant in 2011. The contractual scope of supply included six 38.8 MW Bulb turbine units, six 40.9 MVA horizontal generator units, six speed regulators, six excitation systems, automation control and protection systems, electrical power systems, mechanical auxiliaries, six emergency gates, and two cranes for the power house.

Located in Altamira, in Pará state, the final unit (GU #6) went into operation in the first week of January 2017.

Delivery of the final environmental report in April concluded the company’s contractual requirements to the customer, Norte Energia. In June 2017, the Turbine Performance Test was carried out, surpassing the contractual specifications.

Installation of Bulb generator

After the power plant was officially handed over to the customer and put into commercial operation, ANDRITZ HYDRO executed the final milestone of the plant’s development – the dismantling of the lodges, the construction site and the administrative building. All equipment and furniture was given to neighboring schools and charity institutions.

With 18 spillway gates, a total size of 445.5 m and a nominal flow of 62,000 m³/s, HPP Pimental has one of the largest spillways in the world. Operating since July 30, 2015, its erection involved an impressive 8,500 tons of equipment and river diversion was completed in only 364 working days.

The dedication, hard work and commitment of the ANDRITZ HYDRO team was reflected in a record 387 consecutive days without any accidents, a result that reflects ANDRITZ HYDRO’s working principles and high quality of work.


Total output: 233 MW 
 6 × 38.8 MW,
 6 × 40.9 MVA
Head: 11.4 m
Speed: 100 rpm
Runner diameter: 6,450 mm 

Author: Cristiano Del Nero and Luciano Di Domenico

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