Dam of the Hongin-Léman pump storage power plant in Switzerland

References and success stories

Comprehensive expertise of a market leader

ANDRITZ Hydro has more than 180 years experience in turbine technology and 125 years experience in electrical engineering. Find hereunder a small selection of references and even world records.

Cleuson-Dixence, Switzerland

Two world records for the most powerful Pelton turbines (3 x 423 MW) and highest head (1,883 m).

Sihwa, Korea

Electro-mechanical equipment including 10 bulb turbines (26 MW each) for the world's largest tidal power plant.

Largest tidal power plant Sihwa in South Korea

Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

World's largest bifurcation (diameter 13.2m; height 16m); Guinness Book of World Records

Three Gorges (Sanxia), China

Turbines and generators for the world's largest hydropower plant.

Selected success stories

Lao PDR, Luang Prabang
Renewable hydropower for growing energy needs

Lao PDR, Luang Prabang

LAO PDR in Facts

ANDRITZ Hydro in Laos and Project Interview

Tajikistan, Nurek
Tajikistan's power generation backbone

Tajikistan, Nurek

Tucuma and Feijo, Brazil
Improving power system stability

Brazil, Tucumã and Feijó

Canada, Muskrat Falls
A renewable energy gem in Newfoundland and Labrador

Canada, Muskrat Falls

Papua New Guinea, Ramu 1
Two new Francis runners

Ramu 1, Papua New Guinea

Australia, Energyconnect
Grid stability in progress

EnergyConnect, Australia

Vietnam, Ialy
All requirements met

Ialy Expansion Hydropower Plant, Vietnam

Italy, Bressanone
As good as completed

Bressanone, Italy

Nepal, Likhu-A and Likhu 2
Successful commissioning

Likhu-A and Likhu 2, Nepal

France, Marckolsheim
New discharge ring assembly

Marckolsheim, France

Out door switchyard Nam Kong 3
Going the extra mile

Nam Kong 3, Lao PDR

Dam and spillway Cikaengan 2
Increasing Indonesia's renewable energy capacity

Cikaengan 2, Indonesia

Powerhouse of Tolga. The new run-of-river power plant is equipped with three identical 15 MW compact Francis turbines.
Supplying more than 10,000 households with energy

Tolga, Norway

Angola, Lauca
Realizing national energy ambitions

Laúca, Angola

Dinorwig, Wales
Essential safety

Dinorwig, Wales

Brazil, Foz do Areia
More output — more energy

Foz Do Areia, Brazil

Arlifoss dam
Stable and reliable operation

Årlifoss and Grønvollfoss, Norway

Rehabilitation - Resurgence

CFE's hydropower refurbishment, Mexico

Upper Trishuli 1, Nepal
Increasing Nepal’s power generation

Upper Trishuli 1, Nepal

Sultartangi hpp in summer
Excellence in generator rehabilitation

Sultartangi, Iceland

Kraftwerk Ryburg, Schwörstadt
Hydropower on the Hochrein

Ryburg-Schwörstadt, Switzerland

Jebba, Nigeria
Affordable energy for generations

Jebba, Nigeria

Pinnapuram pumped storage

Gandhi Sagar, India

Main Dam - Viewpoints
More than just another dam

Nenggiri, Malaysia

Restoring Renewable Energy

Mwadingusha, Congo DRC

Upper Tamakoshi
Connected to the grid

Nepal, Upper Tamakoshi

Uzbekistan, Kamolot
Successful example of cooperative approach

Kamolot, Uzbekistan

Hand in hand with nature

Traunleiten, Austria

Hydropower plant on the Mur (Graz, Austria) in September 2019
Murkraftwerk Graz, Austria

Commercial operation has started

Kawarsi II, India

Challenging terrain

Schils, Switzerland

Renewal and energy optimization

Pakistan - Gulpur
Overcoming challenges

Pakistan, Gulpur

hydropower station
Achieving climate goals

Norway, Nedre Otta

Ghana - Kpong
Meeting sustainable energy needs

Ghana, Kpong

News on HPP Assiut, Egypt

PAC for all four units achieved

News on HPP Lysebotn II

PAC for turbine and generator achieved

Grand opening of Obervermuntwerk II
News on HPP Obervermuntwerk, Austria

Grand opening of Obervermuntwerk II

Hydropower plant on the Mur (Graz, Austria) in September 2019
Murkraftwerk Graz, Austria

Commercial operation has started

Best practice example

Costa Rica, Reventazón

Proven success

Vietnam, Hoa Binh

A model for the future

Lao PDR, Xayaburi

The backbone of Albania’s power generation

Komani refurbishment project, Interview with Fatos Bundo

Cikandang, Indonesia

An additional 35 GWh of stable power per year for West Java

Peak Power 1,300 MW

Vianden, Luxembourg

HPP Llys Y Fran in Wales
Llys Y Fran, Wales - United Kingdom

Order execution in a record speed

Producing more Clean Energy

Vrangfoss, Norway

River landscape in Bolivia
Boosting Bolivia's Goal

San José 1 and 2, Bolivia

Success - Perseverance Pays

Teesta Stage III, India

Extension of the pumped storage plant Hongrin Léman in Switzerland
30 GWh into the Grid

Hongrin Lémans Extension, Switzerland

Powerhouse with spare runner in the Sogamoso installation in Colombia
Providing about 8%

Sogamoso, Colombia

Hydropower installation Pimental in Brazil
Done within 364 Days

Pimental, Brazil

View onto HPP San Pedro II from upstream
Xayaburi - A run-of-river power station for Lao PDR

For the next seven years ANDRITZ HYDRO will deliver the entire electromechanical equipment for anew run-of-river power station on the Mekong River.

Hydropower plant Ybbs Persenbeug, Austria

First unit at Austrian run-of-river power station back on the grid

Red-hot shaft on its way to the forge process
Germany - Langenprozelten

Refurbishment of the world’s most powerful single-phase hydropower motor generators at the pumped storage power plant.

3350 mm ECOBulb runner assembly
ECOBulb turbine for Chaudière, Canada

Supply of complete Water-to-wire equipment for the hydropower plant.

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