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LAO PDR in Facts

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ANDRITZ Hydro in Laos

ANDRITZ has been present in the country for a long time and has been involved in large hydropower projects such as Nam Theun 1, Xekaman 1, Xekaman 3, and Xekaman Sanxay, as well as a number of small hydropower plants such as Nam Lik 1, Nam Kong 3, and Houay Kapheu. The supply of electromechanical equipment for the 1,285 MW Xayaburi power plant, the largest hydropower plant not only on the Mekong River but in Laos, is certainly a highlight in our reference list.

To date ANDRITZ has installed and/or rehabilitated 55 units in Laos with an impressive total installed / rehabilitated capacity of about 4.700 MW.

LAO PDR in facts, Source: Hydropower and Dams World Atlas 2022; EDL Genertion Company; Laotian Times Magazine

Project Interview - What is it like …?

Please outline your role, Jochen

The main tasks of the site manager are the on-site representation of the project, site mobilization and demobilization, and monitoring all installation and commissioning activities in respect of technical performance, quality, health, safety, environment, cost and time schedule. It also means applying corrective measures in the case of any deviations as well as leadership and coordination of the installation supervisors and other site personnel, both internal and external.

How do you bridge any cultural gaps on a large hydro project?

I always try to find out where our cultures overlap and where they do not to establish our intercultural borders and limits. To further build bridges we establish on-site events or activities such as parties and sports activities and also respect their cultural celebrations like traditional boat festivals or other major Laotian cultural events where we come together. This mutual respect is reflected during our work activities too.

School donations as part of intercultural work


Woman Day celebration on-site in Laos


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

What is it like to oversee a project of this size?

It is an honor but at the same time a very big responsibility. The coordination of so many workers during peak times is very challenging, especially with the need to maintain team spirit for everyone to reach a major common goal. 

Of course, it needs discipline, but it also needs to be fun and culturally attractive to ensure job satisfaction for each and every team member. 

Thank you, Jochen

Jochen Pock


Interview with Jochen Pock, Laos Site Manager

Jochen Pock is site manager for ANDRITZ Large Hydro Projects and is based in Vienna. He has worked on two major hydro projects in Laos, Nam Theun 1 and Theun Hinboun, where he had responsibility for all operational site matters.

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