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Bressanone, Italy

Only 22 months since construction work began, the fourth machine set of the Bressanone hydropower station was successfully commissioned in November 2022 — an important goal for the customer and the entire project team.


ANDRITZ signed the Bressanone contract with Alperia Green Power in December 2019. The scope of the contract saw the complete modernization of the plant, including the supply of three 38 MW Francis vertical turbines, one 18 MW turbine, five valves, four new generators, as well as supply and installation of balance of plant, electrical systems, and automation.

The project proved very challenging due to the tight schedule, which called for the parallel installation of two machine sets per year. In addition, the limited space in the cavern required special attention during installation. The project also included supply of four 3,000 mm diameter butterfly valves, which had to be installed within just six months.

For both companies this project was the first “public contract above the EU Community Threshold” where many restrictions and regulations demanded compliance. For example, more than 20 subcontractors had to be accredited, which presented a major documentation management challenge. 

In early 2023, the customer conducted performance tests on all four machine sets. The results were all in line with the contractually agreed values. This leaves only modernization of the fifth machine set, the twin of the fourth. The scope of this project includes the supply of the turbine, machine valve and balance of plant, and the refurbishment of the generator. Completion is scheduled for October 2023.

The contract reaffirms a decade of solid cooperation with Alperia and provides a strong basis for subsequent contracts we received for the San Floriano and Lana projects. 

Technical Details

Total output:

150 MW

Scope output:

3 × 38 MW /
1 × 18 MW


143 m / 155 m


375 rpm /
500 rpm

Runner diameter:

2,220 mm /
1,530 mm

Av annual production:   

520 GWh

Author: Francesco Dalla Vecchia

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