More peak load energy for Austria, HPP Obervermuntwerk

News on HPP Obervermuntwerk II, Austria

More peak load energy for Austria

Since September 2018, pumped storage power plant Obervermuntwerk II is producing clean and sustainable energy.

In January 2014, ANDRITZ Hydro received the contract for the supply, installation, and commissioning of two Francis turbine generating units with clutch coupling for the power station Obervermuntwerk II in Vorarlberg, Austria. Feasibility studies, significant design, and construction work have already begun in 2011.

The pumped storage power plant Obervermuntwerk II serves as supplier for peak-load and balancing energy and is the second largest power plant of Vorarlberger Illwerke AG. The Obervermuntwerk II increased the capacity of the Upper Ill-Lünersee power plant group with additional 360 megawatts in turbine as well as pumping operations.

This was realized with the concept of a ternary machine set with a controllable pump and thus enables the fastest possible adjustability of this power plant as well as the pumped storage with best possible efficiencies. The technical specifications to operate the turbines permanently within the entire operating range by zero load without any partial load stabilization measures represented a high technical challenge, which was fully met.

After an assembly phase of 18 months, which took place under the most difficult high alpine conditions, unit #1 was handed over to Vorarlberger Illwerke for commercial operation in June 2018 and unit #2 in September 2018 respectively, all within the agreed timeframe.

HPP Obervermuntwerk II is an important hydropower station with high efficiency. It will significantly contribute to the sustainable energy production in the alpine region in Central Europe.


Total output: 2 x 190 MW 
Head: 240 m
Speed: 428.6 rpm
Diameter: 2,320 mm

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