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Small & Mini Hydro

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Global underlying market trends for small and mini hydropower in Asia and Africa remain positive. Megatrends such as population growth, increasing urbanization and the on-going need for access to electricity continues to see many small hydropower projects developed. Furthermore, complementary development with wind and solar projects is a growing and evolving theme as small and mini hydropower solutions become more economically competitive, even in the short and mid-term.

HUNTER CREEK - British Columbia | Canada

Starting commercial operation in 2018
Output: 1 x 11.2 MW
Scope: Vertical 6-jet Pelton turbine
Highlight: hot re-synchronization operating mode


In the last Hydro News No. 31 there was a mistake in the total capacaty of HPP Carhuac in Peru. The hydropower plant has a total output of 20 MW. Updated status: erection ongoing; expected commissioning during first 1st half of 2018

San Andrès

SAN ANDRÉS - San Andrés River | Colombia

Output: 2 x 11 MW
Scope: W2W package including 2-jet Pelton turbines

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ANGEL I to III - Carabaya Province | Peru

Erection finished by end 2017; commissioning expected early 2018
Output: each 2 x 10 MW
Highlight: cascade system consisting of three identical small hydropower plants

HPP Llys Y Fran in Wales

LLYS Y FRAN - Llys Y Fran Reservoir | Wales/UK

Successfully put into commercial operation
Output: 1 x 266 kW
Scope: Mini Compact Francis turbine
Highlight: Drinking Water application; order execution in record time
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BARRINHA - Santa Caterina | Brazil

Output: 1 x 1.8 MW
Scope: Compact Axial turbine
Highlight: First Mini Compact in Brazil
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STORÅSELVA | Central Norway

Work on schedule
Output: 3 x 8.85 MW
Scope: horizontal Francis turbines
Highlight: first plant to be built according to the international environmental standard CEEQUAL
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TRAUNLEITEN - City of Wels | Austria

Output: 2 x 8.75 MW
Scope: Compact Bulb turbines
Highlight: replacement of existing power plant
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RHONE OBERWALD - Canton Wallis | Switzerland

Successfully put into commercial operation
Output: 2 x 7.5 MW
Scope: vertical 6-jet Pelton turbines
Highlight: powerhouse in cavern with a return gallery into the Rhone River

ISSYK 1 | South-eastern Kazakhstan

Installation completed
Output: 1 x 5.3 MW
Scope: "from water-to-wire" package

KALANGA project cluster - Bajhang District | Nepal

Output: more than 64 MW in total
Scope: electro-mechanical equipment for three projects Upper Kalanga Gad, Kalanga Gad und Upper Sanigad
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XAYABURI Fish-Lock - Mekong | Lao PDR

Ongoing installation
Output: 2 x 3.73 MW
Scope: Compact Axial turbines
Highlight: integrated into the fish-lock system of one of the largest hydropower plants in Lao PDR

KASHIMBILA- Katsina River | Nigeria

Commissioning finalized
Output: 4 x 10 MW
Scope: vertical Compact Axial turbines
Highlight: small hydropower solution for a multipurpose dam

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