A Three Nations Project

Rusumo Falls, Burundi / Rwanda / Tanzania - New Project

For the Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project Rusumo Power Company Limited has awarded ANDRITZ HYDRO a contract for design, supply, installation, and commissioning of the electro-mechanical equipment.

A joint development of three east African nations – Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania – the implementation of this project will be driven by an investment program of the Nile Basin Initiative, the “Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP)”, on behalf of Rusumo Power Company Limited. Financing for the project is being provided by the World Bank.

The new hyropower station will be located on the Kagera River, about 2 km downstream of the confluence of the rivers Ruvubu and Kagera, at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania.

Under the terms of the contract signed in November 2016, ANDRITZ HYDRO’s scope of supply comprises the delivery of three 27.5 MW vertical Kaplan turbines and auxiliaries. In addition, generators, Electrical Power Systems (EPS), powerhouse cranes, draft tube gates, and stop logs, as well as the control and protection systems of the whole hydropower plant, fall within the scope of supply.

Contract signing

Execution of this project will be done by a team from international ANDRITZ HYDRO locations. ANDRITZ HYDRO Germany has the lead of this project, and – working in close cooperation with the customer – will be in charge of all on-site works. ANDRITZ HYDRO India is responsible for the manufacturing and delivery of the main components including generators, EPS, and the draft tube gates, whereas the ANDRITZ HYDRO Austria team is giving technical engineering support.

The first big project milestone was reached at the end of March 2017, when the groundbreaking ceremony took place in the presence of important officials from all three involved nations, representatives from the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and key stakeholders. This was the official start of the site civil works contract activities. ANDRITZ HYDRO will start its site activities towards the end of this year, when the access to the powerhouse and the site has been prepared.

Overall the project duration is scheduled to last some 36 months, with completion by the end of 2019. HPP Rusumo Falls is an important project for the whole region. It will provide an additional 27.5 MW to each of the three countries involved and will reinforce regional power interconnection. About 7,000 households in each of the countries will benefit from the power generation of the hydropower plant. Additionally, the site is going to provide job opportunities for over 500 local people.


Total output:  82.5 MW 
  3 × 27.5 MW,
  3 × 30 MVA
Voltage:  11 kV
Head:  25 m
Speed:  187.5 rpm
Runner diameter:  4,050 mm

Author: Michael Stadler

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