Foresee digitally with Metris

Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, digitalization – current buzzwords that industries use when seeking to improve their performance and equip themselves for the future of industry.

As a technology leader with extensive and long-term experience in supplying industrial measurement, control, and optimization solutions for various industries, ANDRITZ is combining its process and equipment expertise with the latest advancements in the digital era. The result of this powerful combination is Metris: a portfolio of ANDRITZ digital solutions.

One of the flagship capabilities of Metris is its ability to optimize industrial processes, known as Metris OPP. Metris OPP has been developed over the past decade and is installed today in over 50 locations around the world. It combines powerful analytical and data mining software with the knowledge of the world’s top process experts to deliver a smart service initiative for customers.

The depth and effectiveness of the Metris portfolio continues to improve thanks to ongoing R&D, collaboration with key customers and institutions, and venture activities.

Portfolio options created for industry and in general as well as the specific requirements of key industries served by ANDRITZ all rely on the three strategic focus areas of the Metris brand: Industrial IoT technologies, Smart Service concepts, and Venture activities. The main technological advancements integrated into individual Metris products are derived from Big Data analytics, Smart Sensor technologies, and Augmented Reality solutions.

Metris helps customers to foresee digitally. With this forward slant, ANDRITZ is continuously improving the portfolio and its performance – providing tailored and fully integrated digital solutions from a single source.