October 11, 2023

We join hands with the International Hydropower Association and the entire global hydropower community to acknowledge the positive impact of sustainable hydropower on people and societies worldwide.

Empowering lives and societies #WithHydropower

Hydropower, a renewable and sustainable energy source, offers numerous advantages and immense potential. With approximately 70% of the Earth's surface covered by water, there is a vast supply of 14.3 billion cubic meters of clean, renewable energy. Electricity derived from hydropower is not only cost-effective but also immune to the price fluctuations that affect fossil fuels.

Moreover, the hydropower industry provides jobs for over two million people worldwide. However, the benefits of sustainable hydropower extend far beyond those working directly in the sector. The construction of hydropower plants creates local jobs, strengthens regional economies, secures water supplies and protects against flooding. In addition, hydropower can facilitate irrigation and improve navigation, which has numerous positive impacts on communities worldwide.

Global Hydropower Day 2023

#WithHydropower we can make a positive diference

We continue to face extraordinarily difficult times. In addition to the consequences of the pandemic and its devastating effects, political and social conflicts are shaking the world having a significant impact on the lives of individuals, entire societies and the global economy. In this challenging context, transitioning to a zero-emission future is more crucial than ever before. It is imperative that we step up our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve our key climate goals. Renewable energies like hydropower, wind and solar power must be greatly expanded to effectively combat the climate crisis and ensure a secure energy supply independent of fossil fuels.

Hydropower, a technology with a vision, stands out as the most established and well-developed form of renewable electricity generation, implemented successfully at hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide. However, the benefits of hydropower go beyond electricity generation. It offers a wide and diverse range of services, including energy storage for grid stability and peak load coverage, equipping us with the necessary tools to meet global sustainable climate goals.

Global Hydropower Day 2023
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Keep the lights on with green energy #WithHydropower

Angola, Lauca
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Wind and solar have a crucial role to play in green grids of the future, but they need the flexibility and stability that #hydropower offers to keep the lights on. Ensuring a stable and secure energy supply is one of the biggest challenges we face in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

ANDRITZ was contracted to provide the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the hydropower plant Laúca in 2014. Now, Laúca provides about 8,640 GWh per year, enough electrical energy to meet the demand of around eight million households. This means that not only has the available electrical capacity been increased, but it is also the backbone of modern grid regulation in Angola. ANDRITZ is very proud to support the development of clean sustainable hydropower in Angola and plants such as the beautiful hydropower giant that is Laúca.

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Provide affordable energy for generations #WithHydropower

Jebba, Nigeria
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Generating units at Jebba Hydro Power Plant
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Hydropower has provided affordable energy to homes and business across the world for decades. We can create an affordable green energy grid powered by #renewables #withHydropower

In line with its Capacity Recovery and Expansion Programme, Nigeria’s largest hydropower generation company has awarded ANDRITZ the rehabilitation, overhaul, and modernization of two generating units (units 2G5 and 2G6) at the Jebba hydropower plant. Jebba is forming a cascade together with Kainji. Both hydropower plants are generating about 20% of Nigeria’s power. Affordable energy for generations through Jebba, Nigeria

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Develop renewable energy sustainably #WithHydropower


When hydropower projects are sited, planned, and built sustainably, they can have tremendous positive impacts on local communities.

Best practice example - Reventazón is the largest hydropower plant in Costa Rica and is sustainably and safely generating clean electricity for more than half a million of the country’s homes. In May 2019, the IHA awarded the Reventazón hydropower plant with the Blue Planet Prize, a prize given to a hydropower project that demonstrates excellence across a range of social, environmental, technical, and economic performance criteria. ANDRITZ is proud to have been part of this project providing the entire electro-mechanical equipment. The project has allowed Costa Rica to largely achieve its target of generating 100% of its electricity from renewable energy resources.
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Store wind and solar energy in water #WithHydropower


Increasing volatile energy sources like wind and solar are increasing the need for the balancing qualities of hydropower.

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Don’t fall back on fossil fuels. We can keep green grids of the future reliable #withHydropower using “water batteries” to store renewable energy to use when the wind isn’t blowing, and the sun isn’t shining.

The Pinnapuram power complex comprises a 1.2 GW pumped hydroelectric storage plant, a 3 GW solar plant and a 0.5 GW wind farm. ANDRITZ is undertaking the electro-mechanical works for this prestigious project. Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, this is the world's first gigawatt-scale integrated renewable energy storage project. 

With 180 years of energy innovation, ANDRITZ continues to pioneer new ways to make the global energy system greener. Check out the 35th edition of Hydro News and learn more about sustainable and innovative projects in the hydropower sector

Protect communities from floods and droughts #WithHydropower

Main Dam - Viewpoints
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As climate change accelerates, extreme weather events like floods and droughts will become more frequent. We can help protect communities by providing vital water management services #withHydropower.

With 300 MW, Nenggiri will ensure a stable and reliable electricity supply for the people and the country, providing also flood mitigation benefits with its ability to accommodate large amounts of rainwater during the monsoon season and securing clean water supply and improvement of the irrigation for agriculture. The project will contribute to the socio-economic development of the local community in terms of tourism, aquaculture, and agriculture activities. 

ANDRITZ is extremely honored to play a key role in this unique development and to be able to support TNB and the Malaysian people for a more sustainable energy future. More than just another dam - Nenggiri, Malaysia

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Decarbonize industries with clean energy #WithHydropower

Hydrogen and Hydro
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Transport and industry together account for around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonizing these sectors will be crucial to achieving the world’s emission reduction targets. Green hydrogen is poised to play a significant role in decarbonizing heavy industries around the world. 

Hydropower is well suited to green hydrogen production and has the potential to provide 13% of the demand required by 2050 to meet net zero goals. Coupled with power-to-gas facilities like electrolyzers, hydropower can provide cheap and secure electricity as well as hydrogen while bringing down costs. 

Hydrogen and Hydro: Fuelling our future - Building the green economy with clean energy collaboration; ANDRITZ is increasingly investing in research and development and is entering into collaborative agreements with universities and energy companies to further this development. 

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