Metris Augmented Reality Glasses

Foresee digitally – enhanced potential for interactive operation and maintenance

The very latest technology innovations at ANDRITZ provide the pulp and paper industry with specifically enhanced potential for interactive operation and maintenance where and when it is needed most.

Imagine being responsible for mill maintenance and operation in a demanding modern mill environment, with tough targets on quality, productivity, and sustainability. Augmented reality is a high-tech way of engaging staff, enabling them to monitor and improve on all those challenges using the AR glasses that are connected to the main control system of the plant. Depending on individually selected features, a wide variety of useful tools can be utilized to carry out crucial alterations and adjustments in less time, with less cost, and with employees fully focused on the task in hand.

The following features are already available in this next generation of digital assistance:

  • Documentation
  • Equipment Identification
  • Live Values
  • Checklist
  • 3D Remote Support
  • Online Spare Part Catalog
  • 3D Simulation
  • Work Archiving
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With its new digital technologies such as the Metris Augmented Reality Glasses, ANDRITZ is taking mill operations to the next level. By monitoring an intuitive human-machine interface of the control system that is equipped with groundbreaking digital and visual technology, highly efficient workflows make the future calculable and enable proactive action through the analysis of data. Benefits such as optimized performance and cost-efficiency are achieved with ultramodern digital IIoT solutions.


"With the implementation of ultramodern devices such as augmented reality glasses, hidden potential can be utilized and overall equipment effectiveness can be improved significantly."

Vice President Global ANDRITZ Automation

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