Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Energy

A cooperation agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy fuses more than a century of market-leading expertise in hydropower technology with cutting-edge innovative battery technology. This partnership opens up new opportunities for hydropower asset owners and operators.

Different battery types are used in Mercedes-Benz AG’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles depending on the application


“The cooperation with a world-renowned automotive manufacturer enables us to offer a top-tier, powerful and innovative large battery energy storage system to add value for our customers.”

The Mercedes-Benz battery is one of the most efficient in its class. An automotive battery made to the highest quality and safety specifications (TS 16949), it originates from the same production line as the batteries used in Mercedes-Benz AG’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


A new dimension in energy management

Compared with a conventional hydropower application, the hybrid energy solution offered by ANDRITZ Hydro and Mercedes-Benz Energy can significantly enhance the operational range and flexibility of a hydropower unit.

Increasing revenue and decreasing operational expenditure are key to improving the economics of a hydropower plant. Both are addressed by HyBaTec. For proven and hardworking hydropower plants, the rapid response capability of the battery can smooth the impact of grid volatility and therefore contribute to a longer healthy lifetime. HyBaTec also opens up new and previously untapped business opportunities in a growing market.

Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH

Mercedes-Benz Energy develops innovative energy storage solutions based on automotive battery technology used in Mercedes-Benz AG’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Based in Kamenz, Germany, the company is a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG. Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, in cooperation with partners from the energy industry, is bringing batteries from the electric vehicle to the grid. The spectrum for large-scale storage applications includes time shifting renewables, peak load balancing, black start (starting power plants without grid power) and uninterruptible power supply systems. The company is particularly focused on second-life battery storage applications, the potential of a battery by extending its life cycle. Their first second-life battery storage system went online in Lünen, Westphalia in October 2016.

Author: Jens Päutz

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