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Callahuanca, Peru

Callahuanca hydroelectric power plant, 52 km east of Lima, was designed to utilize the water from the Santa Eulalia River, the main tributary of the Rimac River that flows through the city. In 1934, more than 1,200 men started construction works on the site and in 1938 the power plant was finally connected to the grid for the first time.

Following torrential rains caused by the “el Niño” phenomenon, at the beginning of 2017 the 82 MW Callahuanca hydroelectric plant was severely damaged by landslides. The damage was so devastating that the entire power station had to be shut down. Initial reports confirmed severe impairment of the powerhouse, with generators and turbines, the substations, all auxiliary services, and the complete control and protection systems damaged.

In August 2017, ANDRITZ Hydro received an order for the complete rehabilitation of HPP Callahuanca. The scope of supply includes the rehabilitation of three 20 MVA generators and the existing turbines. In addition the contract includes the supply, installation and commissioning of a new 44 MVA generator, new mechanical and electrical power systems, as well as a new automation and control system.

Detail of the damaged powerhouse

The contract was signed with owner ENEL. The ANDRITZ Hydro office in Peru will be responsible for the organization and coordination of all local activities, such as transport of the supplied equipment to site, dismantling of the damaged components and installation of the new ones. ANDRITZ Hydro locations in Austria, Italy and Mexico will take care of all engineering and reverse-engineering activities required to design and refurbish existing components as well as any new elements, providing efficient and profitable future operation of the plant.

Immediately after signing of the contract, dismantling works at the site started in parallel with the associated engineering activities. Commissioning of the first unit is scheduled for August 2018. Considering the strategic importance of this hydropower plant for the energy supply of the entire region, the project will be completed in the shortest time possible, guaranteeing a reconnection to the grid in the third quarter of 2018.


Total output:82 MW
Scope:3 x 20 MVA / 1 x 44 MVA
Head:425 m
Speed:514 rpm / 450 rpm
Runner diameter:2,000 mm / 1,800 mm

Author: Peter Gnos

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