What does it take to upgrade a centuries-old winemaking tradition to get 20% more yield?

Some longstanding family businesses may get stuck in the past, but this centuries-old Italian winery was looking for an innovative approach which would replace their traditional vacuum filter and give them a competitive edge.

The challenge was to find a wine filtration solution to increase yield, reduce production costs and minimize or eliminate the need for filter aids. It also needed to have a small footprint and be capable of handling must and sparkling wine.

Our solution was the Dynamic Crossflow Filter that facilitates direct wine recovery from the lees and gives a higher yield of up to 98% of wine lees processed. Not only is the total equipment footprint 80% smaller, it has helped boost production by 4,600 hl/year, reduce waste by 20%, and cut energy consumption by 30%, standing the family business in good stead for the generations to come.

What does it take to get 20% more yield?

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