Kargaly, Kazakhstan

Investment into hydropower

After earlier successes in Kazakhstan with projects such as Issyk 2 in 2008 and Issyk 1 in 2016, ANDRITZ Hydro has now been awarded another contract in Central Asia.


ANDRITZ Hydro received a contract for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the 2.97 MW Kargaly hydropower plant, located some 2 hours’ drive southwest of the former Kazakh capital Almaty. Although the project owner has previously made successful investments in wind power, Kargaly is the company’s first waterpower project.

The scope of supply for ANDRITZ Hydro comprises the complete electro-mechanical package, including a horizontal Francis turbine, the hydraulic power unit, synchronous generator and the main inlet valve. Along with the turbine control, automation and visualization systems, the supervision of installation and the commissioning will complete the scope of contract. The installation and commissioning of the turbine is planned for mid-2021.

Central Asia is an important and emerging hydropower market. With an office in Almaty as a regional hub, ANDRITZ Hydro has a finger on the pulse of regional hydropower development.

Example of a horizontal Francis turbine


Technical Details

Total output:2.97 MW 
Scope output:1 × 2.97 MW
Head:92.6 m
Speed:750 rpm
Runner diameter:737 mm

Author: Sergey Testoedov

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