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Meygen, Scotland

In late July 2014, Edinburgh-based MeyGen Ltd. signed a contract with ANDRITZ Hydro Hammerfest for the supply of three 1.5 MW tidal stream turbines to the MeyGen Phase 1A project.

Supplied to the largest commercial tidal energy project worldwide in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth in Scotland, following Phase 1A, MeyGen is now planning to install a total tidal capacity of 398 MW – feeding predictable renewable energy into the UK’s national grid.

All three ANDRITZ Hydro Hammerfest tidal stream turbines were successfully reconnected to the grid between July and August 2017 following the implementation of system enhancements on the turbines earlier in the year.

Energy production since the project’s first commisioning exceeds 2 GWh. With over 700 MWh of generation having been dispatched to the national grid in August 2017 alone, the project sets a milestone as well as a benchmark for monthly production from a tidal stream power station.

The anticipated average generation of each turbine is some 4.1 GWh per year. Realization of this project is an important step towards the sustainable production of renewable and predictable energy from ocean resources and a major contribution to future power generation.


Scope: 3 x 1.5 MW 
Blade diameter: 18,400 mm
Installation depth: 50 m
Av. annual production: 12.3 GWh

A 160 MW tidal barrage planned for Northern England

Wyre, United Kingdom

United Kingdom – Rather than demanding a large hydraulic head to power the turbine from a large dam system, the Wyre Tidal Barrage will harness the natural kinetic energy of the incoming and outgoing tides to produce clean, renewable electricity.

The River Wyre’s tidal range exceeds 10 m, which combined with just a 600 m span between the Fleetwood and Knott End banks, makes it one of the most economically viable tidal locations in the world.

“As market leaders in the technology of low-head turbines, we are confident that today’s technology is more than sufficient to ensure successful delivery of the power generation aspect of this project.”

Author: Rudolf Bauernhofer

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