Customer Days 2017

Over recent years ANDRITZ HYDRO has launched Customer Day events in various countries with great success.

These events present superb opportunities for an exchange of experience and fruitful discussion. They also offer an informative platform for ANDRITZ HYDRO to explore its latest developments and technology solutions, bringing the company closer to the market and its customers. ANDRITZ HYDRO is pleased to invite customers, local partners, and suppliers, but also representatives from governmental institutions, hydropower plant operators and private investors to these special events. This year, ANDRITZ HYDRO successfully held three Customer Day events in Asia.

Jakarta – March 29th–30th, 2017

Underlining its leading position in the Indonesian hydropower market, ANDRITZ HYDRO invited key stakeholders to its first Customer Day Indonesia in Jakarta in March 2017. More than 180 participants accepted the invitation and attended the event, which was a big success. The technical focus of the presentations was on turbine and generator technology, as well as the new HIPASE platform. 

Vientiane – March 23rd, 2017

In March 2017, ANDRITZ HYDRO organized a second Customer Day in Lao PDR. More than 170 delegates attended this year – a 20% increase on the previous Lao PDR Customer Day. Besides turbine and generator techno­logy, and the new HIPASE platform, the spotlight also fell on the market approach for services and the Mini Compact concept from the Compact Hydro business area. Special attention was paid to the presentations regarding the environmentally-friendly technical solutions available from ANDRITZ HYDRO, which are drawing growing market interest, especially in the Mekong River region.

Seoul - June 21st, 2017

In June 2017, ANDRITZ HYDRO welcomed more than 150 participants to Seoul for the first Customer Day Korea. Specific rehabilitation work, bi-direction tidal power plants, tidal current power plants, and low-head applications, as well as future challenges and best possible solutions were the special focus of the event. Technical presentations on pumped storage, tidal turbines, and Francis turbine technology made the event a most interesting and informative affair.

Author: Jens Päutz

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