ANDRITZ Air Pollution Control Engineer receives distinguished Dr. Senichi Masuda Award

ANDRITZ’s air pollution control engineer – Mr. Jörgen Linnér from the Product Center Växjö (Sweden) – has received the Masuda award from the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP) for developing innovative uses and applications for Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology.

The Dr. Senichi Masuda Award is presented every two years by the ISESP Technical Committee to an engineer whose work has had international impact and whose future development shows exceptional promise.

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Since early 2000, Mr. Jörgen Linnér has been instrumental in developing the fourth generation of the switched integrated rectifier (SIR), ANDRITZ´s latest version of its advanced ESP energizer. It combines modern solid-state power electronics with switching technology and uses advanced energy management software to optimize the power consumption while ensuring compliance with emission limits.

In recent years, Jörgen has further increased the electrical efficiency of the SIR unit by successfully introducing silicon carbide (SiC) components in its design. With SiC-based power modules, ANDRITZ can now offer its customers a product with an electrical efficiency of over 97%, the benchmark in this industry.

In addition, Jörgen and the R&D team have enhanced the operating capabilities of the SIR so that it can be used in applications with high resistivity fly ashes.

Mr. Ronnie Uhr, Head of ANDRITZ Air Pollution Control PMCS, said: “We are extremely pleased that one of our engineers receives this award. The SIR drastically reduces particulate emissions and improves the overall electrostatic precipitators (ESP) performance to meet the demands of plant operators in reducing dust emissions from various combustion and industrial processes. It is a clear sign that with its SIR product, ANDRITZ is at the forefront of the ESP technology development”.

Did you know?

The SIR is a well proven and robust high-frequency power supply for ESPs. It can be used with both, the ANDRITZ´s ESP and with any ESP design from other suppliers.

Today, ANDRITZ has a fleet of over 5,500 SIRs worldwide.

High electrical efficiency of industrial equipment is the trend of the times with today’s high energy prices.

With an SIR SiC system having an electrical efficiency of 97%, you can save more than 100 MWh annually per SIR unit compared to conventional T/R units.

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