ANDRITZ SIR (Switched Integrated Rectifier) models

The SIR (Switched Integrated Rectifier) reduces the particulate emission level and improves overall ESP performance without a need for costly extensions. ANDRITZ provides a robust and reliable technology with the highest expertise and service capabilities in clean air technologies. A wide range of its advanced, high-voltage power supplies for electrostatic precipitators are now available from ANDRITZ.

SIR4 180

We proudly present SIR4 180 – the largest in our family. There are three versions, with 380, 400 and 480 V input voltage. This model is designed for larger precipitators to deal with a higher current charge and consists of three power electronics units.

• 70kV/2500mA

• 85kV/2100mA

• 100kV/1800mA

SIR4 25,35 & 60

These are the smallest models and are designed for smaller precipitators. These models will replace our SIRE model, which has been discontinued. They consist of only one power electronics unit.

There are four models available, with a selection of input voltages 380, 400 and 480 V:

• 85kV/400mA

• 85kV/700mA

• 70kV/800mA

• 60kV/1000mA

• 100kV/250mA

SIR4 102/120

The mid-range and our most popular models. Comes in three versions, for 400, 480 and 500 V. These models have two power electronics units.

• 70kV/1500mA

• 85kV/1200mA

• 70kV/1700mA

• 85kV/1400mA

• 100kV/1200mA


  • Limited free space needed, no cabinet space required.

  • Installation and commissioning time reduced to half a day compared to several days for a conventional T/R and its control cabinet.

  • SIR loads the 3-phase mains symmetrically.

  • An SIR typically uses approximately 65% of the kVA required by a conventional T/R and can still provide the same kW to the ESP. This feature has an impact on operating cost savings by consuming less kVA.

  • SIR has an efficiency of more than 95% and up to 97 % with our SiC model. Its smaller-sized cables result in cost savings for cabling material

  • Ease of installation (due to smaller size and weight) and less cabling reduce installation time (and potential rebuild costs when upgrading).

  • Robust and proven design solutions.
  • Modular design where the structure remains on the roof during maintenance.

  • Minimized downtime in the event of component failure (less than 1 hour) thanks to standardized spare parts.


ANDRITZ SIR - Switched Integrated Rectifier


Modular design:

Easy to replace and easy to service. The SIR unit has a modular design so broken parts are easy to replace.

  • Power cabinet
  • High voltage unit
  • Cooling
  • Power Electronics
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