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Dry Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

The ESP uses electrical forces to remove particulate matter (PM) from the flue gases. A high-voltage source generating a corona current charges the PM, which migrates to the collecting plate. PM is removed from the plate by a rapping sequence.

Advancements in ESP technologies at ANDRITZ over the past decade, more particularly with the development of switched integrated rectifiers (SIR) for ESP energizing, have produced continuing improvement in PM removal efficiency as well as reducing capital and operating costs and also footprint. As one of the oldest technologies applied in clean air technologies, ANDRITZ offers a wide range of robust and reliable ESP designs for a variety of industrial and power generation applications.

The key features of ANDRITZ Dry Electrostatic Precipitators:

  • Flexible layout and modular design
  • Can be adapted to small (ELPAC) or very large volumetric flows of flue gas
  • Multiple electrodes/rapping designs
  • Tumbling hammer and electric impact rapping systems
  • Industrial and power generation applications, with over 2,500 references worldwide
  • Extensive experience with a wide range of fuels (low-sulfur and high-resistivity coal/ash, 100% biomass, …)
  • 4th generation of switched integrated rectifiers (SIR) as high-frequency power supply or/and integrated ESP control systems for conventional transformer rectifiers (T/R), both with energy optimization algorithms (EPOQ, power down rapping, …)
  • Removal efficiencies of up to 99.95% (dPM > 5 µm)
  • Outlet PM emissions as low as 10 mg/Nm3

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