Hybrid Filter

The hybrid filter is a combination of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) and Fabric Filter (FF) with several configurations (connected in series and in the same casing (integrated) or connected in series or in parallel (separate) in separate casings

The ESP uses electrical forces to remove particulate matter (PM)  from the flue gases to the collecting plates. PM passing through the precipitator is given a negative electrical charge by being forced to pass through a region called a corona, in which the gas ions flow. Once the PM has been negatively charged, it is pushed towards the positively charged plate. PM is then removed from the plate by a rapping sequence.

Advancements in ESP technologies at ANDRITZ over the past decade, more particularly with the development of switched integrated rectifiers (SIR) for ESP energizing, have provided continuous improvements in PM removal efficiency and reduced capital and operating costs as well as footprint.


The fabric filter (or baghouses or bag filters) uses a filter medium to separate particulate matter (PM) from the flue gases. The PM is deposited on the surface of the fabric filter, which can be made of different materials depending on the physical and chemical composition of the flue gas. The dust is removed periodically when the bags are cleaned.

ANDRITZ fabric filters have been developed over the past decade to reduce particulate emissions, capital cost and footprint. These filters offer a robust solution, especially when the dust characteristics are challenging or variable.

ANDRITZ hybrid filters benefit from the advantages of both technologies: low pressure drop, high collecting efficiency for the large PM, low operating costs for the ESP, and high collection efficiency for all remaining PM in the FF.

ANDRITZ hybrid filters offer a robust solution for industrial and power generation applications.

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