ANDRITZ machine at Reliance Industries factory

ANDRITZ Achieves Major Success with Biofuel Plant Commissioning in India

A Milestone in Biofuel Plant Commissioning - ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel recently marked a significant step in the biofuel sector by successfully commissioning a biomass plant for Reliance Industries in Jamnagar, India.

Achieving an impressive output during a rigorous 15-day trial, this project not only demonstrates ANDRITZ’s technical expertise and capabilities in meeting the high standards of biofuel technology but also underscores the significant value delivered to the customer and the company’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions globally.

Group picture at Reliance Industries
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Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards

In undertaking this complex project, ANDRITZ showcased its capability to meet challenging industry demands. The team’s dedication over 21 days at the site led to the production of over 1158MT at an average capacity of 4.1MT per hour, a notable achievement in the field of biofuel technology. This performance not only met but surpassed the expected outcomes, offering Reliance Industries a robust and efficient solution for their biofuel needs.


“ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel’s expertise in the Jamnagar project has significantly enhanced our biofuel operations. Their focus on efficiency and sustainability aligns perfectly with our goals, setting new benchmarks in the biofuel sector,”

Mr Sanjay Misri

Head Steam and Power at Reliance Industries

ANDRITZ machine at Reliance Industries factory
© Reliance Industries - ANDRITZ

Advancing Sustainable Biofuel Solutions

The completion of the biofuel plant for Reliance Industries is an embodiment of ANDRITZ’s efforts towards sustainable and efficient biofuel production. It plays a significant role in strengthening the biofuel capabilities of Reliance Industries, contributing to enhanced productivity and supporting their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The plant processes a diverse array of raw materials, such as juliflora, garden waste, groundnut shell husk, cotton stalk, hard wood chips, agricultural waste chips from spices like cumin and coriander, soy, mustard and rice husk, and bagasse. Utilizing this wide range of feedstock, the plant exemplifies a versatile production capability while promoting sustainability. The repurposing of agricultural by-products and waste, which would otherwise contribute to environmental issues, plays a crucial part in this eco-friendly initiative. Converting these materials into biofuel decreases the dependence on fossil fuels and supports the utilization of renewable energy sources in harmony with India's sustainability energy targets.

Through collaboration with ANDRITZ, Reliance Industries has been able to integrate more efficient and effective solutions into their operations. “This project is an example of how strategic partnerships can lead to improvements in operational efficiency, benefiting not only the involved parties but also pioneering advancements in renewable energy technology,” says Pavan Pawar, General Manager - Sales, at ANDRITZ.


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