Yunnan Shengshi facory with ANDRITZ equipment

Setting the Pace: ANDRITZ China's Record 4-Month Turnaround

Rapid Deployment and Excellence - ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel recently marked a significant achievement in its journey towards expanding the biofuel market in China. In a display of unmatched efficiency, the team successfully completed a project for Yunnan Shengshi Biomass Energy Limited in a mere 4 months, right from contract signing to successful testing.

Project Components and Configuration

The project involved supplying the fine grinding as well as the pelleting/cooling process island, including a Multi Mill 1400 and a set of four Pellet Mill SVPB65s. While the raw materials vary depending on availability, a significant portion of the current material is sawmill residue of pine, which needs to be shredded, wet ground, and dried upstream.

Yunnan Shengshi facory with ANDRITZ equipment

Yunnan Shengshi facory with ANDRITZ equipment.

© Yunnan Shengshi

Guaranteed Performance

The project was designed to ensure a performance of 10T/H at packing, based on pellets adhering to the Chinese national pellet quality standard. These benchmarks not only underline the commitment of ANDRITZ to quality but also its adherence to national and international standards.

"Quality assurance is at the core of our operations. We're proud to meet and often exceed the national standards," says Zhao Zehui (Walter Zhao), Application Manager from ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel China, who has been involved in the project.


"The speed at which ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel China operates is truly impressive. This accomplishment is a clear indication of the team's dedication, expertise, and passion for the biofuel industry,"

Zhou Xuesong

Factory Manager, Yunnan Shengshi

A Look Ahead

This recent accomplishment by ANDRITZ is a demonstration of the company's capabilities and its vision to expand and dominate the biofuel market in China. The swift execution, adherence to quality standards, and the outstanding production results reaffirm the trust that customers place in ANDRITZ.

"Our journey in the biofuel market is driven by passion and precision. This project is just one of the many milestones we aim to achieve," concludes Wilson Wu (Wu Zhongwu), General Manager at ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel China.

Yunnan Shengshi factory with ANDRITZ Pellet Mills

Yunnan Shengshi factory with ANDRITZ equipment

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