ANDRITZ machine at Huwopeco

Powering Vietnam's Bioenergy Revolution

Vietnam, with its vibrant landscapes and bustling cities, is a country on the rise. As its economy experiences rapid growth, the demand for electricity soars, predominantly met by coal-fired power plants.

However, the visionaries at HUWOPECO, a Vietnamese company operating in the pelleting industry, saw a different future—one powered by renewable energy. With a focus on bioenergy, they embarked on a project that will strengthen the landscape of Vietnam's power generation.

Achieving an impressive output during a rigorous 15-day trial, this project not only demonstrates ANDRITZ’s technical expertise and capabilities in meeting the high standards of biofuel technology but also underscores the significant value delivered to the customer and the company’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions globally.

ANDRITZ machine at Huwopeco
© Huwopeco - ANDRITZ

Breaking New Ground in Capacity and Quality

The results achieved during the commissioning phase were remarkable, attaining a capacity of 4.0 TPH, in perfect accordance with the agreement . But it wasn't just about meeting capacity targetsit was the quality of the pellets produced that truly set the project apart. With a density exceeding 620g/l and fines levels reduced to an astonishing 1-2%, the pellets met the highest industry standards. Our customer, HUWOPECO, was not only satisfied but thrilled with the capacity and quality of the final product.

“ANDRITZ’s hammer mill and wood pellet mill line are working very well. We carefully researched before investing in ANDRITZ’s machines for our production line. Our partners who buy our wood pellets highly evaluate the pellets made by ANDRITZ,” states Mr. Tuan, Director of HUWOPECO.


"ANDRITZ machines are operating more efficiently and smoothly, and at good capacity. We feel positive. When you use top brands like ANDRITZ, you will feel secure and more confident placing the next order."

Mr. Tuan

Director of HUWOPECO

Driving Market Evolution and Expansion

This project took place within the broader context of Vietnam's evolving bioenergy market. Vietnam has emerged as one of the most important global supply sources, driven by an increased focus on the European market. In the past, the market was dominated by small pellet mills equipped with Chinese machinery. However, newer plants are now prioritizing larger capacities and turning to European or North American equipment to meet the growing demand.

The forecast for the region indicates plans for additional capacity, with a staggering 3 Mt set to come into operation in the near future. In this landscape, ANDRITZ stands as a formidable force, operating 85 pellet mills across Vietnam, firmly establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry.

A More Sustainable Future for Vietnam

Vietnam's allure for bioenergy derives from its abundant biomass resources. The country possesses an array of post-harvesting and post-processing agroforest residues and waste, including bagasse, straw, rice husks, coffee husks, coir, wood residues, and other agricultural and industrial by-products. The availability of these resources presents a unique opportunity for Vietnam to harness the power of biomass and generate electricity sustainably, all while reducing carbon emissions. 

The success of ANDRITZ’s and HUWOPECO collaboration in Vietnam is not just a triumph for the company but also a significant milestone in Vietnam's journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. By embracing biomass energy, Vietnam can diversify its energy mix, reducing its reliance on coal and diminishing its environmental impact. The project's positive outcomes pave the way for a paradigm shift in the country's energy landscape toward a cleaner, more renewable future.

As Vietnam's population surpasses 97 million inhabitants, the need for sustainable energy solutions becomes increasingly critical. Together, ANDRITZ and HUWOPECO have taken one step closer to positioning Vietnam on the path to energy independence.

ANDRITZ machine at Huwopeco
© Huwopeco - ANDRITZ

Advancing Technological Innovation

The success of this project demonstrates the transformative potential of bioenergy. It showcases the capabilities of advanced engineering solutions in reshaping an industry, and exemplifies the power of collaboration between technology, industry, and environmental responsibility and driving sustainable development.

Looking ahead, ANDRITZ remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, continuously refining our technologies, and expanding our reach. Ms. He Yuxiu, project manager at ANDRITZ, concludes by saying, “With our global expertise, dedication to sustainable solutions, and commitment to delivering on our promises, we  strive to lead the charge in bioenergy projects worldwide, and unlock the immense potential of renewable resources.”


“With our global expertise, dedication to sustainable solutions, and commitment to delivering on our promises, we strive to lead the charge in bioenergy projects worldwide, and unlock the immense potential of renewable resources.”

Ms. He Yuxiu

ANDRITZ Project Manager


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