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Service Colina in Chile

With proud we are looking back of more than 30 years of experience in coating for the hydropower, mining, as well as pulp and paper industries.

The ANDRITZ Hydro Coating and Repair service has specialized workshops for the coating and repair of process equipment components for sectors such as hydropower, mining and pulp and paper, among others. In Chile, we have one workshop located in Colina.


We have in-depth knowledge of plating technologies, from simple powder and wire processes by gas combustion to electric arc processes and the most advanced processes via plasma spray and HVOF.

Using state-of-the-art equipment allows us to apply most coating systems, with materials specially designed for different technical requirements.

ANDRITZ Hydro has the necessary facilities and machinery to restore pieces and parts through welding processes (SMAW, GTAW, GMAW) especially for the hydropower industry.

We use certified metrology instrumentation, apply quality assurance concepts and work with operating procedures according to the manufacturer manuals for equipment, products and components. We operate machine tools (lathes, grinding machines), handling equipment (turning tables), acoustic booths for plating, booths for welding repair processes with fume extraction, surface preparation equipment (pressure and vacuum shot blasting machines), robotic systems in our Multi Coat Control Center, specifically dedicated to thermal spraying processes.


Fully coated Francis runner (Karcham Wangtoo, India)


Materials tenting laboratory

ANDRITZ Hydro has a high competence center located in the city of Kriens, Switzerland, which has a laboratory where new materials and coatings are developed and tested under simulated abrasion conditions. For example, SXH-70 and SXH-80, both tungsten carbide alloys, which have proven to be very effective for the protection of parts and pieces exposed to high abrasion, as is the case of hydraulic turbine components.

Productivity, competitiveness and costs

Over the last years following main developments in coating components were done:

  • Possibility to fully coat Francis runners by robot
  • Increased stabilization of the splitter for Pelton runners (SXHTM8X)
  • Repair of hard coating

If coated parts operate under severe hydroabrasive erosion conditions the SXHTM hardcoating gets locally damaged and the base material is worn away. For these damages certain repair procedures with hard coating or polymer coating have been developed.



Successfully combating abrasive wear on critical parts and components of hydraulic turbines since 1986.

Pelton turbines* worldwide coated parts
since 1996

  • 327 runners
  • 2,887 needles and mouthpiece
  • 419 other components

* all figures by 06/2016

Francis / Kaplan turbines* worldwide coated parts
since 1996

  • 310 runners
  • 3,072 guide vanes
  • 474 labyrinths
  • 306 facing plates

Pelton turbine runner: to the interior of the buckets and entrance area on the exterior of the buckets.


Francis turbine runner: inlet channel as deep as possible and rotating part of the labyrinths.


Kaplan turbine runner: Blades


On-site work - international markets

ANDRITZ performs welding repairs, machining and grinding as well as thermal treatments.

We have the ability to perform on-site work, moving our equipment and personnel, which allows us to work directly on the machines or equipment without the need to disassemble and move them, saving the customer the associated production costs.
This particular capacity, backed by years of experience, has led us to carry out important on-site jobs in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Taiwan and South Korea.

Added value of our workshop

  • More than 30 years of experience in the hydropowerc, mining, and pulp and paper industries
  • Ability to perform field work (on-site)
  • More than 30 years working in thermal spraying and plating technology
  • More than 2080 repairs to date on components in the hydroelectric sector
  • 4 machine and tool operators, 12 welders and 6 platers, 5 engineers and 2 production supervisors

Thermal treatments

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