Expo Energía de Perú 2024

ANDRITZ Chile is going to participate as Gold Sponsor in Expo Energía Perú 2024​

Expo Energía de Perú is dedicated to the transition towards more sustainable energy. This gathering emphasizes the importance of fulfilling the commitment to decarbonization to achieve environmental sustainability and improve competitiveness.​


On this occasion, we had the pleasure of listening to the talk "Digitalization Applied to the Modernization of Hydropower Plants" by Enrico Simonetto, Sales Director and Regional Business Developer, as well as the participation of José Luis García Lapouble, Service and Rehabilitation Manager for Peru and Bolivia, in the discussion panel "Comprehensive Asset Management of Generation, Distribution, and Transmission."

We are delighted by the enthusiastic response to our presentations. Your keen interest and passion motivate us to continue advancing and highlight the significance of the work we do at ANDRITZ.

Our sincere thanks go to the Energy Expo 2024 organizing team for their exceptional dedication and hard work, making the event a resounding success. As we look ahead to upcoming projects and challenges, we cherish the valuable conversations and insights gained during the expo.

We are excited to continue our collaboration and work together towards a brighter, more sustainable energy future. Until next time, thank you once again for being a part of this journey with ANDRITZ!

We thank everyone who joined us for this event!

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Event Goals​

Decarbonization and Environmental Sustainability: Expo Energía Perú focuses efforts on promoting an energy transition that respects the environment and contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions.​

Competitiveness: By adopting sustainable practices, we not only care for our planet but also boost competitiveness.​

Main Topics​

Legislation for Clean Energy: The event will address the need for clear legislation in Peru that facilitates the inclusion of renewable energies in its energy matrix. It is essential to have a legal framework that promotes and supports the use of clean energies in the country.​

Public-Private Partnerships: The importance of establishing alliances between the public and private sectors for the incorporation and development of new technologies will be highlighted. These collaborations are crucial for advancing the energy transition effectively and efficiently.​

A Space for Dialogue and Reflection: The event is presented as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It will feature the participation of both national and international authorities and specialists, who will share their knowledge and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the energy transition.​

Event Theme: Under the theme "Sustainable Energy and Strategic Planning for an Energy Transition," the event aims to create a space where strategies and concrete actions can be discussed to move towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.​


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