Hydromatrix power plant Agonitz in Austria

Agonitz in Austria

The power plant is located on the upper reaches of the Steyr river in Austria.

Prior to modernization and upgrading of the existing plant, ANDRITZ Hydro had the opportunity to conduct prototype tests with a Hydromatrix as well as with its newly developed StrafloMatrix.

Following the favourable results obtained in these tests, the Austrian utility company ENERGIE AG decided to join forces with ANDRITZ Hydro and to equip the new power plant with two new turbines. In addition to a conventional Kaplan turbine, the world’s first commercially operating StrafloMatrix was installed here.

As part of a development agreement, the StrafloMatrix is being assessed and optimized over an extended five-year test period under real time grid conditions.

The StrafloMatrix was put into operation successfully in 2003 and is available for demonstrations to potential customers and interested parties from all over the world.


Number of modules: 1
Number of units per module:       1
Total number of units: 1
Axes: horizontal
Head: 8.5 m (27.8 feet)
Runner diameter: 1,120 mm (44.1 inches)
Number of blades: 4, fixed
Distributor:fixed blades
Rated speed:428.6 rpm
Type of generator:Hydromatrix, permanent magnet synchronous
Voltage:3,300 V
Output per unit:700 kW
Output total:700 kW
Date of commissioning:2003
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