Ashta I and II in Albania

Ashta Hydromatrix power plant

The Ashta I & II hydropower project is located on the Drin river near the city of
Shkodra in Albania and comprises two power plants of similar design.

The tailrace of Ashta I consists of a 6 km long canal connecting the two plants and an additional diversion channel connecting the plant with the Drin river. The Ashta II plant has a similar arrangement to Ashta I and its tailrace will be connected to the Drin river by a short canal.

Each power plant is equipped with 45 Hydromatrix TG units mounted in one row at the upstream face of a concrete gravity dam structure. They can be raised
individually for service purposes. The accompanying draft tubes are embedded in the newly built dam structure.

Ashta I became operational in May 2012, with Ashta II following in the fall of the same year.

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Ashta IAshta II
Number of modules: 45 45
Number of units per module:       11
Total number of units: 4545
Head: 4.98 m (16.3 feet)7.53 m f (24.7 feet)
Runner diameter: 1,320 mm (51.9 inches)   1,320 mm (51.9 inches)
Number of blades:34
Rated speed:300 rpm375 rpm
Type of generator:Hydromatrix, permanent magnet synchronousHydromatrix, permanent magnet synchronous
Voltage:3,300 V3,300 V
Output per unit:534 kW1,003 kW
Output total:24,030 MW45,140 MW
Date of commissioning:20122012
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