Dam of the Hongin-Léman pump storage power plant in Switzerland

Chievo Dam in Italy

In Verona’s district of Chievo, a dam and adjacent ship lock was built in the 19th century on the Adige river to establish the Camuzzoni canal.

The core element of the Chievo dam Hydromatrix plant, which was successfully commissioned in 2009, is the steel-fabricated module, which is located at the downstream end of the lock. The bottom part is formed by five draft tubes arranged in one row. 

At the upstream end of the draft tubes there are five StrafloMatrix TG units that can be switched on and off separately.

The entire module can be lifted and lowered by a gantry hoist system under balanced conditions in order to evacuate the lock chamber prior to flood release.

In 2010, ANDRITZ Hydro was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Environmental and Energy Technology for this innovative project.


Number of modules: 1
Number of units per module:       5
Total number of units: 5
Axes: horizontal
Head:3.8 m (12.4 feet)
Runner diameter:1,320 mm (51.9 inches)
Number of blades:3, fixed
Distributor:fixed blades
Rated speed:250 rpm
Type of generator:StrafloMatrix, permanent magnet synchronous
Voltage:690 V
Output per unit:270 kW
Output total:1.35 MW
Date of commissioning:2009
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