Dam of the Hongin-Léman pump storage power plant in Switzerland

Lower St. Anthony Falls, United States

Lower St. Anthony Falls (LSAF) lock and dam are located on the Mississippi River in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

LSAF forms part of the inland waterway navigation system and was built by the government in the 1950s. It consists of a main lock and an uncompleted auxiliary lock.


The 10 MW StrafloMatrix plant was planned by a private development group and is installed in the existing auxiliary lock.

The core element of the plant is a newly constructed retaining wall inside the existing auxiliary lock structure, whose front side houses 8 modules each containing one pair of TG units in a two-row configuration.

Site construction began in the spring of 2009, with completion in late 2010.


Number of modules: 8
Number of units per module:       2
Total number of units: 16
Axes: horizontal
Head:7.6 m (25 feet)
Runner diameter: 1,320 mm (51.9 inches)
Number of blades: 4, fixed
Distributor:fixed blades
Rated speed:327.3 rpm
Type of generator:StrafloMatrix, permanent magnet synchronous
Voltage:4,160 V
Output per unit:625 kW
Output total:10 MW
Date of commissioning:2011
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